Ranger Danger

Friday, October 5, 2007

Danger -- Ranger is here! Whooooohooooo!!! It's about time. Come check it out I'm too pumped up, just wish it would have been in sooner. I wanted to do some really cool stuff with it for Scrap Pink. I did this great Layout in honor of my "Second Mom" Annette.
She was very dear to me and I was unable to go to her funeral, due to it being in another state and I had just had Claire. I don't think I've been able to feel any closure until I did this layout. Funny how you can say scrapbooking is like therapy and joke about it but in reality I really believe it's been great therapy for me. It causes you to stop and smell the roses or coffee whichever you prefer - mine being coffee of course. So, I've realized over the years that as I scrapbook I reflect. Reflect on my life present, past, & future. Reflect on the meaning of life, the meaning of others around me and it has opened up a new world to me. I take the moments in one by one, whether it be the humming of ABC's by my one year old at the table while bouncing or my sons making a complete disaster of their room claiming they were playing Hurricane. Cuz' hey those make some great pictures and stories to tell. So, let them tear it up, hum it up, drum it up,... because everyone needs to "Bust a Move" once in awhile. We all march to the beat of different drummers even if it means we look a little "white" when we do it. Be not afraid of who you are -- Just Be You!

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