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Thursday, February 21, 2008

WE HAVE ALPHA GRUNGE! Yes I said it so get your butts over here for it, because it won't last long. First come, first serve.

Also, we have the new Stampin' Up Catalog at the store if anyone is interested, you must place your order by March 11th.

CKU Houston is in June and I'm going to be heading up the Silent Auction for Autism Speaks. If anyone is interested in donating a handmade item, a kit, scrapbook basket, etc. Please contact me. Anything would help.

The winner of the $30 kit is {drum roll} Christina Witkowski. So email me your stuff privately Christina and I'll send you a kit.

1 comment:

  1. would love to donate some of my stamps that I design !!to u for ur kit !!!
    Give me ur details to send them too you..
    If u could promote them anytime ..
    I would really appreciate it!!
    I'll give u Spirit and Skullie..
    Check them out on my website
    thanks chat to u soon


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