Random Thoughts

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Only me - if it's going to happen most of the time it will happen to me, as most will say that know me well. Strange as it may be things that would normally never happen or only happen on Desperate Housewives happens to me, so I've decided that I'll be making monthly ramblings with giveaways. I'm going to let you in on a strange random thing that has happened to me and then you can give me random thoughts or things in your own life. Give me your best random thoughts and this month you can be the winner of a Valentine Gift Kit worth $30.

So here's my random: I once was almost arrested in college for looking like someone that held up the local convenient store that night. Come to find out the girl did look similar to me but my footprint size didn't match, hers were much bigger. Thank God for small feet!

Now your turn - random thought away!


  1. I'm sad I missed you at CHA!! I would have loved to meet you!
    Did you like CHA? It was awesome!

    I'm happy you have small feet that story is crazy!!


  2. Random Thought: Why am I bored when life is great with my hubby, kid, and job? Is it my "new" age, is it stress, is it my crazy childhood, or is it just normal?

  3. I once cracked my head open in college, and my roommate took me to the ER. While we sat and waited to see the doctor, I held a handful of paper towels to my head to staunch the blood flow. Very sexy...this homeless guy was also in the ER and he decides that I look pretty hot, he gave me his phone number and told me to call him!!!


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