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Monday, March 17, 2008

I was tagged for 7 random things and since this kind of goes with the random thought comment giveaway I do every month. I thought Hey what the Hay!

1. I have had probably more jobs than I've changed my underwear, okay so I'm overexaggerating a bit, but I've had plenty - everything from a waitress - bartender - BK drive thru cashier - family therapist - high school teacher - okay so, maybe like more than the times I've shaved my legs. Now that is quite possible. LOL

2. My plan before children was to be in the Peace Corps.

3. I'm totally obsessed with Scrap In Style I view layouts for sometimes 2 hours a day, but hey I consider that work - it helps to inspire me to create.

4. I love Banana Splits - like old fashioned ones in the boats.

5. I think my children are crazy, not like mentally, but so silly and weird sometimes that I think I might be trapped in some sitcom.

6. My kids & husband think farting is a sign of affection.

7. I reread my posts 2-3 times for grammatical or spelling errors. It'll drive me nuts to discover them later.

Okay, so tag you are it! Hit me up with a random and get lucky with some Green Scrap!


  1. I too think my children are very odd and I may be living in an episode of candid camera. I think my daughter might be a little OCD. I have to touch my nose to my upper lip at least once a day. I type converstions in my head as people are talking.

    I know, maybe she is slightly OCD because of me...

  2. * My daughter is (undiagnosed) OCD.

    * My son is witty in a clever,
    silly way.

    *I have to be doing something with my hands - scrapping, crocheting, making earrings, reading, and (sigh) grading and/or typing test papers.

    *I love working in my yard (but not cutting the grass or weedeating!) Flowers/plants are my "thing." There's the "hands" thing again.

    * I absolutely LOVE being backyard is just fine!

    * Water is my thing...fountains, bayous, lakes, water long as there is water!

    * I love to travel, but don't consider standing in long lines a vacation. Nature is more of an attraction for me.


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