"Frappachino Friday"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

So, what can we craft up today. Are you feeling inspired by our dailies? Well I do hope you are, or I'm just wasting my time tapping at the keyboard aimlessly talking to myself. Which really wouldn't be any different than what I typically do anyway. I'm one of those talkers that will be on the phone for about half a hour before I realize the call was dropped or just talking away into the phone and standing in the McD's line and my phone rings in my ear.

So, I can truthfully I have not gotten real creative lately. I probably have at least 9 projects going on as we speak. So, what inspires you to be creative? What gets the creative juices flowing? What knocks out the creative block?

My answer: Organization. Once I get things in order around me I can better focus on my 101 ideas. Then I like to write a To Do list get it all out of my head and I then can start the steps to my creative adventure.

(And no this is not my crafting space, yet I like to just look at it, close my eyes, and imagine it is)

So what's your story?

I just noticed I say So a lot, HUH! So, I guess I'll have to be more aware of that next post. LOL

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