Frappuccino Friday

Friday, May 30, 2008

As I'm sitting back drinking my Mocha Frappuccino, I'm thinking we really need more classes and I'm also thinking how long have I been mispelling Frappuccino (I think since I began this - what a dork! and I used to be an English & Reading teacher). Anyway we need to celebrate this month. We have been open close to a year - our first anniversary is June 23rd.

So here's what we haven't done:
1.) haven't pulled our hair out
2.) haven't lost any hair
3.) Kelly nor I have hurt each other in any illegal way LOL
4.) haven't lost hope in this crazy idea for our store to be fantabulous!
5.) haven't shut the doors

But here's we what have done:
1.) made some really awesome BFF's out of customers
2.) met the most talented people in the industry
3.) got to explore some really beautiful states on business trips
4.) learned that business is not just business
5.) gave a community a new look at crafts

How exciting is that?! So in honor of this wonderful month of June we have lots of stuff going on, be sure to check out our calendar at the bottom of this blog. We want you to celebrate with us! Soon, pics will be up of the projects & layouts, as well as more info on the Kids Gone Crafty Camp.

Upcoming Events:
Wednesday, June 4th - Scrappin' 101 1pm & 6pm
Thursday, June 5th - Mad for Grads 1pm
Friday, June 6th - Stamp a Stack Pizza & Slumber Party 6pm
Tuesday, June 11th - Father Knows Best 1pm
Wednesday, June 11th - Cardstock Creations 1pm
Friday & Saturday, June 13th & 14th - Closed

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  1. Hey girl! Ready for the sisiversary!!!!! :D


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