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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Okay, may I just say blogger is losing it's mind and I'm losing my religion. I have posted 5 times, okay 5 times for Monday & Tuesday's daily and it is not posting. What is the problem here!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had this really great post for both days and now they are lost in cyber space, ugh! I'll try to post it yet again later! And I betcha bottom dollar that this post will publish - that figures what a waste of your time - huh!

Anyway, we are giving out a wonderful discount to all school employees in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week til the 10th for 25% off your entire purchase. I know not a whole lot, but I hope you "appreciate" the gesture.

Don't forget about MOM!!!! either.

Upcoming Events:

Mother & Child Crop - Saturday, May 10th 11AM
Mom's Night Out - Saturday, May 10th 6PM
Crop Night - Friday, May 16th 7PM
Scrap Metal - Saturday, May 17th 12PM
Scrap Challenge - Tuesday, May 20th 6PM
Crop Night - Friday, May 30th 7PM

Sign up for any classes or crops online beneath the calendar.

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