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Wednesday, May 7, 2008

I have finally decided that banning blogger might not be a great idea, but I did consider it for a moment, but then I thought - I would be letting down millions of blog reading fans if I stopped posting. Ah, well! LOL

So, I have to motivate you mid-week, give you a technique, tell ya' some wacky stuff and give you a tip:

Motivation is hard, especially since I can't even get my lazy butt up after this weekend, so here it goes. Listen to this song, Get Up Offa That Thang by James Brown and then get into those craft spaces and start getting organized. I know you are finished with all those photos right!!!! Even if you aren't, organizing your craft space won't hurt. In my past life I was a professional organizer so here are some of my secrets ... I don't have any, no just joking ...

Grab some boxes and label them with categories of items that are in your craft space. Include with this a box for trash and give away. (P.S. we are having a huge swap at Girls Gone Crafty if you want to save this box til then) Start in your space from left to right and back to front and begin placing items in the boxes. After you are done with this step, give it a real good cleaning and then decide where you will be storing everything and in what. Section your space into homes or centers and start filling it up with the items from your boxes. Keep your everyday use items nearby, while your once in awhile items can be put up and away. Hopefully this will help a little and start you on the road to creative organization.

As far as a technique, I've alway been a fan of diamond glaze or glossy accents and of course I'm sure you've seen the crackle one as well. This weekend I learned a new technique from a "sister". After crackling something, rub ink into the cracks and wipe the excess away. After some thought I started to think about paint, glitter, alcohol ink and the ideas are endless.

Wacky you say, well my week has definitely been wacky. My daughter now likes to polish her nails and is obsessed. I don't do nails. I really never have, but I probably should b/c my nails are horrible and please when you see me be kind and don't stare at them. I bought her polish anyway and now we have to do a different color everyday and she goes around showing everyone how pretty she is. I guess this is not the end of an era.

Here's your tip: Throw out the old scrapbook magazines. Tear out only what interest you and make a creative journal out of them by placing them in a journal and then decorating the front much like this one here done by messyhappyfundee from SisTV:
I like to pull from my journal when I've hit a creative block.
Girls Gone Crafty still has available spots and now has it's own blog with info being posted weekly. www.girlsgonecraftyscrapevent.blogspot.com.
The dates for Kids Gone Crafty are as follows:
June 16-20 - 5-9 year olds
July 7-11 - 9-12 year olds
July 14-18 12-17 year olds
more info will be posted soon and a blog for that will go up as well.

National Scrapbook Day was awesome and very busy. Thanks to all who helped and participated. We are definitely having another one next year, but hopefully even bigger.

Don't forget about Teachers & Moms this week!!!

Upcoming Events:

Mother & Child Crop - Saturday, May 10th 11AM

Mom's Night Out - Saturday, May 10th 6PM

Crop Night - Friday, May 16th 7PM

Scrap Metal - Saturday, May 17th 12PM

Scrap Challenge - Tuesday, May 20th 6PM

Crop Night - Friday, May 30th 7PM

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