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Monday, July 7, 2008

So I was asked a few questions on the Design Team Challenge so I'll elaborate a little more here.

You don't have to take a picture of half a desk and I have to really guess what it is, that's not what I'm judging on. What I'll be looking at is your interpretation of this game on a layout. Be creative with your layout whether it be the game itself on the page or your own twist on it. Can't give much more away, because I want you to get creative with it, so I can see where challenges take you.

Also, just to let you know what we will be doing with our Storytellers Design Team.

Here's a tidbit of info: I have big plans to create "something" (that I really can't say right now) but it involves my vision of storytelling in scrapbooking. So, basically the team will be a part of something really special that I would like to develop for our scrapping community. I know what a teaser, but I'd hate for my idea to be patented by someone else, b/c you know it's a million dollar idea?!!!! LOL

Good Luck to all!


Here's the sneak peak for our Family Tree class:

Here is a sneak peak of the Disney Album (created by Nicole Petersen):

(papers and embellishments will vary from what is pictured)

Also, if anyone is interested I'm holding a mini-shop for Kids on Friday, 11th. We'll be cookin' up a few crafts. Check our calendar for more details.

I love the scrapbooking community I have here at The Scrap Boutique and one of the things I love the most is the awesome talent we have. Talent that takes what they learn in their class and makes it their own. I call that American Idolizing it! This layout is just one of the many examples done in a class that was done even better than planned.

Love her layout created by Nicole Petersen

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