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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's an example of our Storyboard Challenge:

What I did here is scraplift the layout of pictures and then tried to copy the orange dots and splash of blue at the bottom with title.

On to other news:
We will be closed July 4th & 5th and July 17th - 19th for the Gulf Coast Scrappers Event in New Orleans. If you are interested in attending the website is here.

Girls Gone Crafty has stirred up plenty of questions so, in order to answer them better I'm going to start posting them here.

One of the questions asked was what to bring and how to prepare for this crop.

These are only suggestions, but I've been to plenty of crops and trust me you don't want to overdo it. Bring your basic tools: scissors, trimmer, adhesive, pen, neutral inks, maybe a few go to stamps that you use often, and of course some photos. I like to pre-plan pages by putting at least 10 pages for each day I'm at a crop together. I might not know exactly what I'm doing with the page, but I'll put some matching patterened papers & cardstock with the photos along with any other sort of embellishments you might want to add or techniques you would like to use to enhance your pages. You might want to bring a spill-proof cup, wipes, & paper towels. As far as bags, I like to have a small tote for tools and a shoulder bag for papers, stickers, & rubs.

If you have any other questions please call, email, or comment here!!
I'll be glad to answer anything, well except for maybe a few psychoanalysis ones, because I'm a little out of practice on those and I might need a few of my own answered first.

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  1. Hey - I have been attending GCS now for three years for a total of 4 crops! It is so much fun! You met all kind of people! I would bring what ever you think you need! You will be so suprise at all the stuff people bring! If there is something you want to put in your room you can too, because it is just up the hall! There is a Starbuck in the lobby and it seems to help! There is also a bar that has drinks and you can order food there as well. You will not even have to leave! There is also a hotel food place you can eat at, but it is expensive... I would order from the bar!!! If anyone has any question please email me!

    Nicole - nlandry308@comcast.net

    Can't wait to see everyone!!!


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