New Day

Sunday, March 1, 2009

So, I'm finally settling in here at this blog and hopefully I can keep up and maybe we can have a little fun here as well. So, first I want to mention that you will see many changes here, as always. Does that surprise any of you? Nah, didn't think so. I will soon be posting a lot of upcoming kits you can purchase and some really fun videos, pictures, and ideas. This blog just seemed logical due to cost of the upkeep of the other website. One feature might I add that you will enjoy here is the forum in the comments section. It works just like a regular forum except under each post. This way we can still chat. Also, you'll notice to the right is my playlist player, that so many people had enjoyed. But instead of actually setting it to play when you open the blog, you have to press play to enjoy. No more getting caught peeking at work. BTW, I take requests. LOL

I'll also soon have an update on Girls Gone Crafty and the kits within the week, so keep checking back. I'm working really hard on projects, websites, & kits and teaching middle school on the side. Whew! Just writing all that makes my head spin.

I leave you with this:

My Diva Daughter!


  1. so glad you've kept on going! love your blogger header and throws all of us curves and we all just need to hang on sometimes but with the help of friends we can! take care and good luck, suesue

  2. Thanks suesue
    I miss you!
    Hope to see you @ Girls Gone Crafty!


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