Sunday, June 14, 2009

It's been awhile and I'm so busy getting Girls Gone Crafty ready. We have updates on classes if you'd like to view them.

But on to what's going on in my life. My life has always been surrounded by writing. I love to read, always have, love to write since I was a little girl. I wrote poetry @ 12 and continued well into my twenties. I always said I would write a book, but never did. Two years ago I finally got an idea for a realistic fiction book, but kept putting it aside. I didn't get the mojo behind it that I needed until recently. I basically was just sitting with a friend one day talking about it and then something sparked in what she said and then I felt it. My mojo, WHOO-HOO! I wrote a good bit of it, but got stuck and gave up and now I've got it. And when they say it just writes itself, it really does. So after I get the little spark of inspo from my BF, I get an email from a bookstore featuring a seminar on self-publishing. Okay, so is that a sign or what. I went and the lady loved my idea and she is going to now copy edit it for me. If I can finish it in a month or so, she can help me to get it on shelves in 4 months. WHAAAAAT! I'm like wo' woddie!!!! LOL
So, when you see that strange crazy LA name Gautreaux on a book called Take Note, pick it up and buy it please!!!!!! I'll keep everyone posted with a summary and what's the progress.

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