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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Since joining the scrap world, about 4 years ago, opening a scrap store, closing it, and now doing scrap events - I have never been involved in so much drama - I mean really. NOT exaggerating - like some women can be so caddy and really bust up some drama in the scrapbook world. I guess b/c most scrapbook women are emotional women by nature (not saying I'm not one of them), but come on. SAVE THE DRAMA FA YA MAMA!!!!
Like I have never encountered more unhappy people in my life, that it almost makes me want to stop scrapbooking (okay, my husband just looked at me like he shit on himself), but seriously if it wasn't for the awesome friends I have I wouldn't get involved and I wouldn't do what I do. Not only that, besides those that are CRAZY, there are many beautiful women scrapbooking that I have met along the way that started scrapbooking for the same reasons I did and not for notoriety or popularity.
Ugh! I say - Ugh!

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