I had to meditate and read my bible to remain christian this week

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

I won't be referencing articles or research here.  I won't be quoting stats or figures or even numbers.
What I will be doing is stating the truth whether you like it or not and with scripture.
The truth is Superintendent Matthews, you and your staff have done nothing for my children that entitles you to the money you are receiving.
Yet you want to take out those who do.  How about this?  Stop being greedy, love others and care about them so much so that you would give from the heart.

It is more blessed to give than it is to receive. Acts 20:35

Cut back some in your life.  My family of 5 manages to live on about 20% of what you live on.  (Sorry had to use one number) Please explain to me what in your life requires you to make so much.  It makes so much sense right to just go up on prices for everyone else and make threats and cuts where people are suffering. (sarcasm, in case you missed it)

Now please also explain to me how increasing taxes on a already suffering parish will help our parish and our children.  Yes, I believe they are worth it, the children, the schools, the teachers.  Again I said them, not you. There are other ways to make cuts and you know it.  How is taking the jobs of those that impact our children the most going to help our children?  You say you want what is best for our children, what a joke.  That is bologna (told ya trying to stay christian people).  If you want what is best for the children you would not be taking away the heart of our schools.  Our paras, our teachers, our librarians, our counselors, our nurses, our arts, our music and our coaches.  If you truly cared you would not take from our kids what on some days is truly the only person that gets them through their day.

Also, stop trying to take credit for the A rated schools, they are not A rated schools because of you.  They are A rated because of the people you are trying to cut.  Why don't you just let them do their jobs and get off their backs.  They are making the impact on our children. It is definitely not you and your fancy cars, phones and laptops.   These middle class folks are the ones who have encouraged, embraced and given our children hope for a better future, not you.  So don't kid yourself please be truthful, you are not here for our children, if you were you would work for less like they do.
Furthermore, you think by taking sports and extra curricular activities away from us that you will hit us where it hurts and force our hand into voting for something. I have news for you, I will not stand for you making cuts where cuts shouldn't be, because we will rise above.  We are not your puppets to play with.  You make cuts and we will survive, because it is what we do, but be prepared to hear us roar.  You could never survive, because you have allowed greed to enter your heart.  We will rise and we will survive this and make do with what we have been given for our children and our community regardless of the outcome because that is who we are!  Who are you?

For all of you worried about this, my heart breaks for you.
Just remember this:
God is the only one who can make the valley of trouble a door of hope Hosea 2:15

I am praying for you all, even the school board to find grace and mercy.

School Board:
Do that which is honest. 2 Corinthians 13:7

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  1. Wow! Seems I need to catch up on the news in our parish. Gave you call and left a message. Will need to share this on my blog and facebook.


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