Coffee Fit

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nothing tics me off more than not having my morning coffee. Especially, if I worked on making it and didn't get a sip. This happened to me yesterday, but I was so mad I couldn't even write about it. I snapped at little things and was just real grouchy. So let me tell you how this all went down. Smokey our dog is sweet, but a puppy so very hyper. My eldest son lets him in the house and they are playing yesterday morning while I'm getting the other two ready for school. I had left my coffee on the counter. Well, I've got an olympic gymnast dog or something, because he manages to jump up on top of the counter while my eldest is enthralled in morning cartoons (dang it) and drinks my coffee. So, not only do I not get my fix, but my dog is even more hyper now. Like I needed that. Well, of course I'm yelling punishing everyone in sight even my husband, might I add that is not even here. I kick Smokey out the house, no not literally, so don't call SPCA on me. And then my middle child asks me what's wrong, I tell him nothing and he says, "Mom, you need your coffee." Is it that obvious. Needless to say "don't ever touch my frickin' coffee, okay" Now that I'm done with my hissy fit you may return to your normal lives.

Creative Weekend

Friday, February 22, 2008

First a few annoucements:
Our blog is actually being kept up to date, so keep us bookmarked and check back often. Yes, I finally got off my lazy bum and I'm keeping up, but as you might have noticed to the right the rest of my life is still a mess.

Also, we are full for the Crop a Rita, guess we have more alcoholics than I knew LOL (anyone that has signed up for the Crop a Rita and will not be able to come please email me to let me know), we still have spots left for Sat. 23rd., but not many.

We are currently in the process of putting together a Creative Weekend and we would like your thoughts on it, so please take our survey. We want to be able to offer you the best, so a lot of what you respond with will determine what we offer at the event. Our thoughts are to include shopping, cropping, classes, goodie bags, t-shirts, food, contests, and giveaways.
Granted we are starting small, we hope that this becomes an annual event, celebrating our anniversary every year.
Click here to take the survey

Just a few things to note

Thursday, February 21, 2008

WE HAVE ALPHA GRUNGE! Yes I said it so get your butts over here for it, because it won't last long. First come, first serve.

Also, we have the new Stampin' Up Catalog at the store if anyone is interested, you must place your order by March 11th.

CKU Houston is in June and I'm going to be heading up the Silent Auction for Autism Speaks. If anyone is interested in donating a handmade item, a kit, scrapbook basket, etc. Please contact me. Anything would help.

The winner of the $30 kit is {drum roll} Christina Witkowski. So email me your stuff privately Christina and I'll send you a kit.

Yes, Again!

Monday, February 18, 2008

OOOHHHHH! All you Cricut Lovers watch out for the Slice!!!

Some more Sis Pictures courtesy of Sis Sites! (In other words, if I make any money off these photos please do not sue, I have no money, but if I get money I promise to share).

We made so many scrap friends that CHA was just lagniappe! And to those whose photos are missing, please email me or respond - I CAN"T FIND YOU! LOL

Don't Forget:

Creative Confidence 6PM Tues. (must sign up today to be included)

Scrappin' 101 10AM Wed. & 6PM Thurs.

Photo 101 5PM Sat.

Crop Night 7PM Sat. (still spots available) {Edit: Sorry posted the wrong time}

Only 3 spots left for Crop a rita on the Fri. 29th. (I'm assuming this is filling fast due to the extreme amount of alcoholics in the area.) Just kidding!!!

Edit: Just to let those know who were waiting on them: Paint Dabbers, Elements Grunge, Adhesive, Cutterpede Trimmer, Edge Distresser, BG Distress Kit, Alcohol Ink, Big Corner Cutters, Thread, & Black 8x8 albums are here.

Whaz UP Wit Dat?

Monday, February 18, 2008

It can't be that only two people read my blog that are interested in winning a kit. Really, WoW okay that was a pretty big blow to my overfed confidence I guess. Random thoughts people - Random thoughts - I'm pouring my heart out to the world here - GIVE Me SoMething!!! LOL
(no flu, virus, or other crazy diseases please).


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Well here are some of the things we loved about CHA! Enjoy! (Some pics from Sis sites- thanks)

Doodlebug Flocking

Basic Grey Cupcake

We R Memory Keepers White Out! Love this line!

Lots of new lines such as Jenni Bowlin, 45, Bam Pop, Pink Paislee & Teresa They all rock!
Elsie cute as ever!

More amazing storage by Mimi & Cropper Hopper!

Hambly doin' it again!
We can't deny that we love our Grunge and the new stuff is even more exciting! We should be getting all our stuff on back order sometime this month.

Just a little break from it all: Our Sis night on Monday - love being apart of that sisterhood!!!! (more sis pics to come)

Fancy Pants as usual, fancier than ever. The felt & storybooks & glittter cuts are to die for!!! This booth was the best! They really were down to earth people who were the greatest!

Of course, Queen & Co.

Petaloo by far rocks!!
Cosmo Cricket the robots are so adorable and the blackboard will surely be a hit!
More to come soon as I upload all the pics!
Lots of lines and we will update soon on the lines as we order them and get them.

Thanks to everyone for all their support.

Don't forget Saturday, 23rd Crop Night!!!!!
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