very excited to announce ...

Monday, March 29, 2010

that i've got a offer to be a freelance writer for PoV magazine.  i can't explain in words (note:  kind of funny huh, cuz like i'm supposed to be a writer)  what this means to me.  it's a stepping stone for me, but wow what a great first step.  they are a wonderfully creative staff and i'm so ecstatic to join them.  i love writing so i can't wait to get started.  as a little girl and still to this day, when i begin writing or typing the more passionate i am about it, the faster my fingers go and i actually begin to sweat.  i tense up and words just start spewing everywhere (sorry to those who have been in the line of fire), but my whole body reacts to the words i lay out.  i love every second of it.  i pray this leads me to completing a novel, b/c that is truly something i've always dreamed of. 

soooooo, in celebration of this awesome news i'm turning back the hands of time and digging out each day writings from junior high (when i first started putting my feelings down) all the way through college (where if i remember correctly i really get deep).  this ought to be interesting.

here's one from the 7th grade:

The Truth Hurts

Go ahead give me an excuse
Give me a reason that will make it all better
Think of something to wash away my pain
Imagine up a story to stop my tears from flowing
Because your lies have made me happy
Your truths have hurt

try on my shoes for awhile ...

Monday, March 15, 2010

try on my shoes for awhile
before you judge.
take a close look at my shoes
before you tell me what you have to say.

do you see the worn heels?
do you see the places i've been?
can you see the shoe from within?

now take a stroll awhile in my shoes
before you tell me how you feel.
now start to run and take some strides
before you cast your lies.
slow down and feel the burn
before you finally decide.

because you'll never know until you've fully walked in my shoes, what it's like.
so please don't pretend you do

now take them off and walk back to your life -
a lot easier, right?

editor's note:  this is not intended for any one person, so please do not come back to try to sue me for slander or whatever the heck else you could sue me for.  just taking note of other's lives as well as mine.  sometimes we just need to step back and try on someone else's shoes for awhile and it's just kind of sad when we don't.
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