17 Reasons and an Alibi

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

This GUY right here ...

the one above, yes the handsome one, with the beautiful eyes.
The one who stole my heart 17 years ago.
The one who gave me 17 reasons to love him today and forevermore.
I love ...

1. his infectious SMILE!
2. how he can inspire me to be a better mom, even if it's hard to face myself in the mirror.  He picks me back up and pulls me together.  Reminding me that it is okay that I am not a PERFECT mom!
3. that he is unashamed and I am not talking about an accidental fart in class, his dad singing at every wedding or my big mouth at a game.  He is unashamed of his FAITH.  It is a beautiful thing to watch his walk with God.
4. that he can make the most absurd sounds and enjoys SOUND effects just as much as I do.
5. how he can coral all his younger family members and friends into organized play, oh how this OCD mama loves this!
6. the theories he had as a child, that now make such wonderful and interesting STORIES to share.
7. that he is thoughtful and selfless, putting others NEEDS always before his own!  mainly my needs, as I rant on over the importance of folding all the towels in thirds and puberty over dinner.
8. the WAY he can reason with the angered, comfort the saddened, and rejoice with the overjoyed.
9. how without saying a word, he knows when I need him most, when he needs to pitch in and HELP out or if I look like I am about to have a mental break down and he warns others!
10. how chivalry is not lost on HIM.
11. when it counts that he learns the tough lessons in a big way, that become such a testimony to his FAITH!
12. that he is super talented artistically, but HUMBLE!
13. how no matter the situation, he remains RESPECTFUL.
14. that his words are never empty, they are full of emotion, full of IMPACT, full of thought, and full of reason.
15. how he OVERCOMES in the face of adversity.
16. that he HUGS tightly and is never the first to let go.
17. how he became more than I EVER imagined!

Being a parent is HARD, it's not easy putting many hours into a person and sending them out into the world.  Praying that you provided them with all the tools they needed to survive.  Praying you said just enough to pull them through.  Praying you did enough to help them succeed in life.  But there is never enough tools, rope, or money that prepares you for your children growing up.  There is only HIM!

I have always told the story of how Seth's name came to be (the short version: he was my second chance at life, read the bible.  If you want the long version, come have coffee with me someday).  But even after years of telling this story, I didn't know that 17 years ago I could have foretold how many chances would be brought forth thereafter.  Because with Seth, I strive to be a better mom, a better teacher, a better person.  He's taught me my biggest lesson in life - Mistakes don't define you, your response does!  And that is why I LOVE

THIS GUY right here ...

This handsome guy with the beautiful eyes and sincerely BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT!

Oh and P.S. if he grows up to be a poor pitiful soul, my alibi is I lived away most of his life as an acrobat in the Barnum & Bailey Circus and his Dad raised him.
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