Michelle Gautreaux

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Bios, they are so completely stressful. I can write all day about anything else, but when it comes to myself in a non-fictional format I am lost. Mainly, because you might think I am weird because of my extreme fear of birds, especially those that might carry you off in the night like the Great Gray Owl (long story). Or you might run off after hearing that I am known to belt out Cyndi Lauper and Young MC songs in my car (hey, don't judge). Either way, I hope you stick around to hear that I once was a therapist, a teacher, a waitress, a professional organizer, an event planner, a writer for several local magazines and that I turn old junk into repurposed items, am the Director of a local art center, immersed in my church and community, while I continue to blog about my married southern life as a mom of 3, reach for my ultimate goal of completing my novel to glorify God and show the love of Jesus, oh and of course that I also just absolutely love passionate, purposeful run-on sentences - the only grammatical error I can stand!
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