Thursday, February 21, 2013

wow, it has been 2 years almost exactly since i've written here!!

but today I felt compelled to write this:

So this beautiful lady

a friend i met through scrapbooking wrote something about another lady on facebook today that made me think and 
here is what she said:

"A few Sundays ago Amy Betts Jarrett helped lead the song service at church. As we sang I thought to myself how I should send her a message or find her afterwards and tell her how much I enjoyed worship time when she sang. Of course, the thought passed and as I went on with my busy day without letting her know how her gift of a beautiful voice and her apparent love for God blessed me. Now I wish I had taken that time. I wish I had more than just had the thought to tell her. I believe that relationships are one of our main purposes on this earth. I believe the impact we have on those around us lasts longer than the days we are given. I didn't know Amy well, but having seen the impact her life had on so many, I am inspired to make a point to connect with others more, to encourage others more, to take time to show my gratitude more."

she wrote it about this lady who passed away and as i read through the thoughtful and inspiring posts on her facebook page, it made me think of the person i have become and in the end what effect i might have on others.  and as i skimmed even further down this lady

shared this
that i want you to view right now all the way to the end ...

now what - i know huh!  powerful beyond words!!!
well, of course you know me not quite because 
yes i do have a few words.

lately, i have seen many things happening in my very own town that sometimes makes me want to scream.  sometimes, regrettably it makes me just want to smack some sense into them.
(don't worry, there is no need to call the police - i'm not just going to start going around smacking people with fish or something.  though i can't say i'm not tempted time to time, but alas carrying fish in my purse might stink)

i start to look and say what was that person thinking and no i'm not talking about the lady wearing the penguins on her pants (b/c that might have been me at store, so don't laugh).  

i'm talking about the ones who are hurting each other, hurting their kids, hurting themselves - all with CHOICES!!!  
why do we feel the need to be so selfish and indulge in harmful behavior, what good are you doing others???
why do we participate in the negative things that do harm and don't tell me because it's just easier that's BULL.  
tell the guy in the video that ...
it's easier to do right by others and GOD.
and for those who are giving them the crutch to stand on, the excuse for their choices - shame on you!  

because as stated they have the CHOICE, we were born with free will.  and like the video explains again and again you can't help the cards you are dealt, but you can make the choice to change and do something with what you have been given.  

so Stacy thank you for introducing me to this lady Amy who was a remarkable woman that shared this video that i needed to see today!  GOD is good - and like i say he knows what he is doing with the connections he makes happen!!

and for now i take a step down from my podium - thanks for listening or shall i say reading.
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