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Thursday, October 22, 2009

and no it is not for the fraternity, sorry my college days are long over, tho sometimes i think maybe i'd like to relive them and then i remember the cop, no shoes, a bet, and a jungle party ... then i skip on back to reality and say to myself you couldn't relive it even if you tried, mainly b/c i don't shave my legs as often and i get drunk off of the neck of a beer.

so on to what this post is really about .. kaylaaimee (aka KA).  i originally met kayla online through SISTV (scrap in style TV), she worked there and was a fashionista (like on the design team).  i then got to meet her irl at a scrapbooking event last year held by SISTV.  in meeting her, i found a kindred spirit.  tho i'm a bit older and older looking and we don't often keep in touch, i can definitely relate to her in a lot of ways, such as being very petite, which will lead to the rest of the post, but i'll get to that later.  she is trying to land her dream job and i would really like it if some of you could help.  there is no signing up for anything just click here and vote, and please be sure to read below her picture what she wrote and then you will definitely see why she deserves this.

so to end my post, i have to release this to the world, well at least to the 11 followers i have ...  i can give blood, (and i don't mean to like the twilight cast, but i have to say i wouldn't mind edward, uh nevermind) like what i'm saying is for the first time in my life i weigh enough to give blood (besides being preggo), but i'm kind of afraid to do so in fear that once i do that they will have to stop midway to tell me i can't b/c i lost 5 lbs. in the process.  i know go ahead say it i make you sick, that's okay, b/c most of you don't know i have struggled all my life to try to gain weight and tho that might sound stupid to some of you i'll let you in on why it's not:
  1. i'm finally able to shop in the big girl's section and i don't mean plus size people, i mean that i can finally shop in petites and juniors and not like some store like babygap or gapkids.
  2. i finally look like a mom and don't get dagger looks from the women on the street or comments like, "kids having kids"
but it is a real big milestone in my life and i just thought i'd share and tell you, "i don't think ya ready for this jelly!"


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

"Finally!  It's happened to me, right in front of my face!"  HEEHEE!  and no it's not a job for the hubs!

Anyway, what i don't get:

and yes there is plenty, but i'll try to keep it to a minimum here.

  1. Ghetto fab booming radio systems in rust bucket cars and trucks.
  2. Men pimping a hat backwards in a mini-van.
  3. The newspaper, no really i don't.
  4. Why are the marshmallows not down the same aisle as like the graham crackers, hershey bars, or hot cocoa.  (well actually my husband told me the reason and i don't like it, to make me spend more money along the way, it's a merchandising strategy, well it sucks).
  5. Why do people give out way too much information, o wait that's me, o well.
  6. Why can't the bagger at the grocery store, just bag the dang groceries flippin' right, before i lose my everlivin' mind, i even line the crap up together and they are still doing it wrong, don't you have to have like at least a high school diploma for stuff like that.  crap i think i learned that in kindergarten, blocks with blocks, dolls with dolls, just like cans with cans, boxes with boxes - ugh!
  7. Why don't all toys you buy in a store just come with the batteries.  why do i have to try to remember to buy the dang batteries for a toy that is obviously not going to wear it's batteries out due to the fact it's wrapped up tighter than homeland security.
  8. Last one, i promise ... why do people who are married, not listen to their vows, doesn't it say like through thick or thin, good times and bad, like hello that might mean ya gotta work at it people, you don't just marry somebody and the end!  in order to live happily ever after, it might require you to get up off your lazy butt and work for the happy ending ... labor of love.
so enough of my ranting, just had to spew out some word vomiting, i feel better now.

O Starbucks ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

how i love thee, let me count the ways ...

  1. the music spilling out of the speakers pleasantly into my ears ("love and happiness, ain't nothing wrong")
  2. the sounds of the diverse coffees being blended by the baristas.
  3. intellectual conversations and debates on the economy
  4. women outside plucking their eyebrows with no shame in their game
  5. friendly employees checking on me
  6. beautifully displayed artwork demanding coffee
  8. women in spandex inspiring me to maybe exercise, (i said maybe)
  9. smashing smiles from all around, patiently waiting for their fix
  10. employees walking in with cokes
  11. no children running around, high on caffeine
  12. no questions of  "when are we going to leave?"
  13. no one talking to me at ALL!
  14. my java chip frappachino gliding down the wasteland of my body to inspire me to get up off my ass

yes, Starbucks, i thank you for the wonderful morning, now i begin my day feeling rejuvenated and full of hope that the world isn't that bad, now off to Wal-mart.
o well there goes my hope and maybe even my rejuvenation.

so excited ...

Thursday, October 8, 2009

getting my crafts together, craft room organized, and starting a new adventure in my life ...
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