Storyboard Challenge

Monday, June 30, 2008

Just a few more pics from Sisiversary, here's a project that Kelly & Paula did in Gigi's class.

And here are a few make-n-takes

And this is the handmade album (unfinished) that I made in Sarah's class

So here's our first try @ Storyboard Challenge.

Challenge #1:

Flip through all of those magazines you have piling up in the corner and take note of those ads. Which ones strike you as inspiring? Try to scraplift the idea onto a layout. The layout can be any size and the due date for the Challenge is Sunday, July 6th. Email me your layout and a picture of the ad. Winner will be chosen and announced on the Monday along with the next challenge. Various prizes will be given each week. This week's winner will receive a scrapbook kit from Prima valued @ $10.

So, just to let you know I've been real bummed about not being a finalist for Creating Keepsakes' SOY, but moving on now. So instead of trying to find my place in this world, I'm going to make my own.

For a long time, I've probably preached to many of you what scrapbooking means to me and what it has done for my life. Some of you probably sitting there saying enough already. LOL Now, I'm turning the tables and I want to know what has it done for you. I want you to tell your story and show me your pages that tell your story, whether that includes your children, hubby, or anyone, b/c we have decided to have our very own design team here. I've been really thinking about how having a design team for our store would really help with a load of duties here and really add some zing to this blog & store. So anyone interested will need to email me and I will then send you your designer challenge. I think this is going to be real exciting, b/c I just love checking out all the wonderful scrapbook layouts of customers and never really get to see the finished product when you leave the store with all your great stuff. Be on the lookout for updates and deadlines as we will have plenty and for those not entering keep watch for the great design team we will be forming called, The Storytellers.

So Like I Know...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I promised you fabulous blogging for all eternity and that everyday would be filled with tips and wonderful life changing things. Okay maybe not, but you get my point.
But let's be realistic here, my children are so whacking me out it's unreal. Like who knew your kid could seriously mass produce boogers all over the counter. Before I left for Sisiversary I thought "I think it might be better if I just shoot myself in the foot and then that would take my mind off of my wacky children." Though I adore them, they can sometimes really make it hard for a mom not to get reported to social services.
(editor's note: this is all in humor, please do not take the aforementioned story above too seriously, The Scrap Boutique is not held accountable for this person's actions - Kelly told me to tell you that LOL)

So, off to tell you a little more about what's going on here, well besides some new paper and embellies that have come in we are about to celebrate a year.
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! isn't that exciting one year - like I've said before that's a big accomplishment for me I don't ever stick to anything longer than a year, just ask my mom. I'm actually quite surprised I've kept my husband for as long as I have or my children for that matter (ref. story above). I think I've might have had like more than 25 jobs and I'm only 32. And no my mom wasn't some kid slave boss working me in some China sweat shop, I've just held down 3 jobs plenty of times.

Okay, so I know you want to hear about Sunday's Awesome Creative Crop Celebration from 10-10. You can come anytime, but please register so we can get a head count. We will have Chili Dogs & Fritos, drinks, snacks, doorprizes, games and we are giving you 3 make-n-takes for $25. Since it is our Birthday we will be doing a birthday card, layout, & banner. Don't worry about the time you come, you can pick up the kit anytime and make it anytime we'll be around to help and provide you with a sample and instructions.

As for our Girls Gone Crafty event I strongly encourage you to get to registering, b/c we are closing registration on July 15th. If you register after this date, we will have to make special arrangements for you and it might be costly. So go to the Girls Gone Crafty site and register now or just go to see all the new stuff added.

That's about all for now - I will be back next week to our regularly scheduled posts. LOL

What is goin' on?

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Yeah, we're back. Like really back to the real world. I can't even begin to tell ya'll everything but I'll try to tell our story - it goes a little sumthing like thiiiisss:
It started at 2AM on Friday

A road trip with "Tellma"
Of course she was the censored version telling me where to go
I don't think my version, "Tellma Uncut" would be so censored (though Mandi does a great impression of it, that we might be able to patent that baby)

On our road trip it wouldn't have been complete without a few scrapbook store stops and dancing and goofing off

Honestly, we had so much fun driving up there, we thought if we didn't have to pick up Paula at the airport in Nashville we might have turned around and ended it there.

So our ride though long was well worth the trip to a hotel full of women squealing like high school or sorority girls, with the other pageant girls running around with their screaming mothers. While I was mistaken for being apart of it, I promise you I wasn't.

So the guessing of sisters began as we entered the hotel and all I could do was just guess who was who b/c of the microscopic avatars or those who post their feet or other creatures.

We met our wonderful roomie, Mandi, who's stripper name is CandiMandi (she might be on Rock of Love 3, if she didn't have such a hot hubby) LOL
She was a wonderful addition to our old bittie group

We went downstairs to eat crappy chips that left an after taste in my mouth like I had been chomping on some leather like a dang cow. Needless to say I didn't get a frickin' doggie bag.

So, we started the event and it was like madly involved creativity everywhere and trying to meet all the sisters in between put my mind in a whirlwind.

We learned a lot from this event though and are super excited about bringing some of the ideas to our event GIRLS GONE CRAFTY

That night I ended up dancing like I thought I was 14 again to Vanilla Ice and paid for it later and sang or shall I say rapped "Baby Got Back" like I knew what I was doing or that I was from the 9th ward or something.

Sang another with Mandi "I love rock n roll"

Went off to our rooms to pass out at 1am or later can't remember

Then woke to 8am crop call and classes.

The games and extras were all wonderful and we really made some fun stuff which I'll post some of my classes later. But in general the creativity was THE BOMB.COM.

Kelly & Paula enjoyed Gigi's class the most and thought it was so inspirational and wait til you see what Kelly did, she actually let go of her inhibitions and really put herself out there.

Paula had to go smoke a cigarette after she couldn't get her frickin' stapler to work on her Hambly flowers in KL's class, but no harm done. I got it b/c I got it like that. LOL

At some point in the night I passed out and woke up with my scrap stuff laying besides me and Mandi, which scared the crap out of me, b/c I don't know if ya'll know this but I don't usually wake up next to a woman, so it kind of freaked me out. LOL

I'm such a suck up, but Ash is like my new obsession along with Jen and all the other fgirls

(sorry didn't have pics of all)
But as far as the ladies that we met I've got several bff's now!

(especially this lady here, TinaLynn)My Washington Women, who were funny as Heck!Mandi (again, yet too cool not to put up several times) and Bekka (someone I really wish I could have gotten to know more)My home girls Holly & Sasha And Paula is a Shot Calla, Shrimp Haula, Scrap Balla!!!!

And Kelly can take a sista out with an elbow!!! Daaanga! Watch Yourself! Show me whatcha workin' wit!!!

Until next time ...

I'll be back with more store info soon, we are still trying to catch up.

Back to Reality

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Like I truly don't ever remember being in a room with so many women and loving every minute of it. This weekend was so great. Paula, Kelly, & I had a blast.

I said I would do it ...

Saturday, June 7, 2008

I'm finally posting pics of my scrap area. I did a little clean sweep through it after the SOY contest basically hit it like a tornado, although it could have been my two year old that did it.
This is a hall closet converted to a scrap space, the only thing I have missing is a TV and computer, but that will come in due time.

As you can tell I'm working on something, it is a guest book for The Treehouse in Raceland. It's an indoor playground. Totally awesome!
Well, we will be away for a few days at the Scrap in Style TV's Sisiversary Scrap Event in Franklin, TN. When we get back I'm sure there will be many things to discuss and share.
In the meantime, I'm giving just til Sunday when we get back to have you all benefit from the low price of Girls Gone Crafty. We will accept registrations after but the price will go up to $55 per day. This is only because we will have to ship products in sooner and it will cost us extra.
Another thing I want everyone to know: We have Prima in the store. I don't have time to load up all the pics but I will when I get back. We also have loads of doo dads in felt and plenty of new ribbon, also duck & tombow adhesive refills. So come by before we go out on our adventure, to be sure and load up for those "scrapbookin' emergencies" while we are gone.
Email me if any of you have any questions at all.

Learn Something Every Day!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Well, what have I learned this week ...

actually let's just say in the past couple of days ...

Lesson #1: That I should pay close attention to how I say things and maybe put some of my educational background to use when I communicate.

ex. Hunter asked what was I sitting on and how long would I be sitting there, I was responded dumbfoundly, "What?" Hunter: "You just told someone on the phone that you were kind of going to sit on it for awhile."

Lesson #2: Never underestimate the superiority of a child.

ex. I have probably told Hunter a thousand times to not jump off the top of the sofa, but he doesn't get it. I came into the living room to witness Seth fussing at Hunter to not jump off the top of the sofa, b/c he could quite possibly break his legs and never play baseball again. It worked, now why didn't I think of that.

Lesson #3: That which is left out will always be destroyed by two year old.

ex. Layout on Table + Claire = Disaster & New Layout.

Lesson #4: Never ever, ever use staz on ink when said two year old is around.

ex. White walls are now black.

Lesson #5: Don't think for a minute, think in seconds b/c that's all it takes for it to whiz by.

Our events are going to fill up fast, so be sure to sign up soon! We are planning so much fun for our 1 year celebration!!! We have lots of ideas swirling about so stay tuned.

Here's what we've done so far this month:

Scrappin' 101

Mad for Grads

White Out

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Let's admit it, we've have all thought for a minute or a second that you could print white, well duh - you don't print white, but there is a way to "print" white text on your layouts or pictures.

1. In a new layer or document click on Text. You can move it, warp it, or change the size or shape depending on the program you are in.

2. You'll need either a background color, template piece filled with color or background layer filled with color. (This could even work on patterned paper)

3. You will then simply change the text color to white and either layer on top or bring forward.

See, very simple and it makes a cool effect.

Here you can see I played with the text on a photo.

As you can see we've done a lot of changes here mainly b/c I was having problems, but that's what you get for using things for Free.

  • So now you'll see to the right is our link to the calendar (you can now print it -YAY ME!)
  • Class & Crop sign-ups are on the right as well (reminder you don't have to paypal - you can always pay the day of)
  • Music playlist that you can mute quickly or pause, when the boss is coming around the corner LOL. I'm still working on it, so please bear with me.
  • Also, on the right is the link to Girls Gone Crafty - remember June 11th is the deadline before the price of the event will go up.
  • To the left you can now email us, sign up for rss feed, etc. I'll be adding more things soon.
  • I promise Kids Gone Crafty link will be up this week.
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