Check Me Out!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i know i really sound like a dork, but i had to improvise, here's the video. for those who don't know i was a featured artist at the Art After Dark in downtown Houma. i don't think i ever thought of myself as an artist, until my good friend Re (also an artist) convinced me to just do it. i did and i'm so glad i listened to her. i kind of think this just found me in way. i was told that i would be considered a textile & mixed media artist (whatever that is supposed to mean). but anyhow i'm growing quite fond of that label, it has mix in it and i love to mix things up, even if it's a few minds or maybe some tracks like i've always wanted to do that - o well, maybe next time. i believe the Lord has blessed me in so many ways by having so many awesome people cross my path. many of you believed in me, before i believed in myself. i owe you big time! thanks for putting up with my indecisiveness, low confidence, & downright pitiful complaints. so above is the video, here's my article link and i'm also supposed to be featured in some other articles. below are some pictures i snapped at the event and some other stuff as well ...

Country Bumpkin Headbands & Bracelets ... Dirty Record Line ...

Part of my display ... Country Bumpkin Bunny ... DJ, Teenage Sock Doll

Canvas Blank Journals ... Just Words ...

i'm selling all these items online and at local stores. i'm also doing personalized dolls, record clocks, and canvas art. things have been very busy as i'm getting plenty of orders.

Just Puttin' It Out There

Monday, September 14, 2009

well, what do i have to say about the uneducated talentless artist who with one swift move took down the sweet country gal ... well ... well ... do you really want to know? yeah, well why not. i don't know if it's b/c people don't learn like the golden frickin' rule or something in kindergarten, but it seems to get worse and worse every year. i mean did this guy have such a hard life, like in the ghetto, and just feels like he never got a break that he has to tear into everything he's not happy with. look i didn't have a perfect life, but you don't see me going around rippin' mics out of people's hands and like throwing a little hissy fit, cuz it didn't go the way i wanted to. o the F well, you poor guy that the world doesn't get put on spin cycle for you. who died and made you king, o wait i forgot you think you are the next king of pop. now that would be a song lyric that alanis morrisette could add to her song, "It's a talentless artist, trying to judge talent. Isn't it ironic, don't you think?"

****editor's note: i noticed that i was kind of direct with my words toward him, so if in some alternate world he happens to read this ... i've got one more thing for you ... get a pacifier and suck it!
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