Pros & Cons

Thursday, July 30, 2009

well first off this has been some adventure.

Cons (what i won't miss):

  1. the wind - sand and contacts mixed - not good.
  2. no oven - no homemade cookies - me want coooookkies!
  3. no toaster - so much for a vacay, breakfast is not so simple without it.
  4. one TV - i can only watch so much animal planet - i wonder what the dog whisperer could do for my kids.
  5. one bedroom hotel room 250sq' - can you say rats in a cage.
  6. rude people - like no one smiles here and just stands there in the middle of the aisle looks at you trying to pass and then looks away then you try to move their buggy a little and still no reaction, no excuse me, no o sorry let me move that for you. o no that would be too much for their little heads to wrap around instead they are trying to decide if they frickin' need green giant corn or the wal-mart brand, just take a damn corn already and move it along.
  7. slow people - no i don't mean stupid, just ssssssssssssslllllllllllllooooooooooow as molasses. they don't know what fast food is here. i mean some might enjoy the laid back atmosphere, but when i got three screaming starving kids (who haven't been fed, b/c no oven) wondering where their food is in the back of my van and i haven't had my coffee that morning i come through drive thru thinking I can get my meal in under 20 minutes. is it too much to ask.
  8. having to carry my mace with me everywhere i went - yes, just for a moment get your laughs as you picture me (90 lb woman) carrying my mace and aiming it at anyone who doesn't back the chump off!
  9. spanish - no offense to any of you who speak the language or who are spanish, but can i just say i suck at it, like really suck. i've learned a few things, but i failed this 3 times in college and when you feel under pressure to speak the language it doesn't help the learning process. at least not for me. i get all flustered and then can't even speak english. then to top it all off the signs are in spanish, the labels are in spanish, even the billboards are in spanish, radio stations are in spanish, thank god my tv had a translation button. But i have to say, "donde puedo obtener el café?" is about all the spanish i need right now. (where can i get coffee?)

but to say this was not all worth it for my one pro, i think not!

PRO (what i will miss):

  1. my husband

Yeah, that's my kiddos ...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so i went to schlitterbahn waterpark in south padre island (sorry no pics) this weekend with hubby and kids and realized - dang i did a pretty decent job of raising the kids so far. it only took me 10 years to figure it out, but hey rome wasn't built in a day. my kids politely waited in line, excused themselves around people, patiently waited for the kids to get out the tubes, looked out for little ones and kindly opened doors for people. so yeah i'm giving myself a pat on the back today.

okay, so the nice stuff ends now, you might want to stop reading.

but i got some beef to dish out with the other kids & parents there. ooooo it totally burns me up when there is a kid who will literally push my kid down to get on the slide first, bump into them without saying sorry and then cut in the line or stand on the slide making my kids and others wait their turn longer. boiling - BOILING was i, well if you ain't gonna parent your child then i will and if you don't like it then do something about it either punch me or grow up and be a parent. not saying i'm perfect, but come on - i would rip my child apart if they did those things - well maybe not literally, but you know what i mean. so yeah i did tell those kids excuse me my child was here first, and yes i did say you need to move, and again i did say do not push my kid. then to top it all off, i might be a little on the rough side sometimes, but when it comes to being polite i really try, so like i was dumping water out of the child seat inner tube and happened to lose it in the wind and it hit a woman next to me and i immediately said i was sorry, yet no that was not good enough, she gave me an ugly look, and i again said so sorry and she remarked whatever. the nerve. so i being pissed off by the irresponsible parents and rude children said, "i said i was sorry, that should have been good enough" and walked away.

so i took note this weekend of how lucky i am to have the kids i have even if i would sometimes rather shoot myself in the foot than listen to them whine.

The Scrap World

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Since joining the scrap world, about 4 years ago, opening a scrap store, closing it, and now doing scrap events - I have never been involved in so much drama - I mean really. NOT exaggerating - like some women can be so caddy and really bust up some drama in the scrapbook world. I guess b/c most scrapbook women are emotional women by nature (not saying I'm not one of them), but come on. SAVE THE DRAMA FA YA MAMA!!!!
Like I have never encountered more unhappy people in my life, that it almost makes me want to stop scrapbooking (okay, my husband just looked at me like he shit on himself), but seriously if it wasn't for the awesome friends I have I wouldn't get involved and I wouldn't do what I do. Not only that, besides those that are CRAZY, there are many beautiful women scrapbooking that I have met along the way that started scrapbooking for the same reasons I did and not for notoriety or popularity.
Ugh! I say - Ugh!

So, like here's the deal ...

Sunday, July 26, 2009

I've had probably 7 blogs over time and I just need to stop already. My first blog, I lost the password and email too, so I can't access it (still working on that), my second blog I changed b/c of business - but then was mixing too much business and pleasure and then I just got the third one going and it's kinda just floppin'. Then I have the 30 other million blogs I have for Girls Gone Crafty and I keep obsessing about designing new ones. ENOUGH!!! Wow, I really need to get out more often and off this computer. My first blog (The Mother Load) was my favorite. It's still there, looking like a train wreck. I actually went back and read through all of my posts ... and I think that's why I'm starting over with this one and I'm going to keep it old school again (which I'm really good at, hence the wonderful flip phone I still have) and really simplify everything, get down to the basics, and savor the moments and just take note. So, I hope those out in blogland that I met so long ago and those who have followed along these years, will stop and take note with me. (no grades involved)
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