sometimes ...

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i think that maybe i should have written that down.  with me you never know what will come flying out of my mouth and i don't mean like cheetos or milk or any other food or liquid substance.  sometimes i just say things and think later.  and i'm not thinking aww i shouldn't have said, heck no sometimes people just need to hear tha truth!!  but i think dang i should have wrote that down.  i could have a book by now, it's possible, don't doubt it.  i know kind of strange just a array of word vomits in a book, but hey anything can happen - i mean if you can write a song about a stanky leg then who's to say i can't have a book on just crap i say.  i mean really i could have written a song about a stanky leg, heck i could have written a song about some stanky diapers, walls, tables, chairs, butts, husband, and children.  maybe i should start writing songs ...

It's Been a long time ...

Sunday, December 26, 2010

i can't even begin to try to catch anyone up on what's been going on!!  b/c honestly i don't even know myself.  sometimes i forget if i've eaten or not.  sometimes i wonder if i peed today.  so how could i really tell you what's happened in the last couple of months.  well, here's what i do remember:

husband lost a job
husband got a new job
i started teaching
i stopped teaching
still writing for pov
still sewing dolls
still scrapping and teaching crafty classes
still working on remodeling house
still losing my mind
now pursuing my masters degree
now taking writing seriously

now looking back ...

hunter with cousin carly

my personal witch, claire

the big man of the house, seth

my real man of the house, hubby clint

me, clint, and claire

hunter and i

me losing it!!!!  too many kids!!!

my BFF paula, couldn't have made it these last few months without her
  i think that about sums it up

so to now be current, here's where i am now in my life  wandering around aimlessly wondering what else i can accomplish before i turn 40.  i mean really i only have 5 years left, so i need to get to steppin'.  my years are catching up with the number of jobs i've had so i'm guessing i need to start planning out a new career right?  LOL  well, maybe we'll see!  you never know what i'm scheming up next.
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