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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

There should be a law put into effect that all men must marry and sign over all their rights, kind of like a power of attorney thing, to their wife. I mean they are not using their brains anyway. They are totally incapable of making an actual decision, ok let's retract that maybe they are just not making it with the right head. Like fa' real - fa' real (said in my wonderful high pitched voice)! Now this is not to say every man is a complete idiot, but face it - some are and they don't think about who they hurt in the process.

Note: my husband is not the reason for this post.

But to some degree, each man is incapable of making decisions. Like my husband can't pick out a place to eat to save his life. Like really we would probably still be sitting in some parking lot making a decision on where we should go to eat and that was last week. Of course, some are worse than others. Some make life changing decisions without consulting with their wives and then they wonder why they are divorced, lonely, & poor. Stupid decisions! Stupid men!

Note: please do not hold me responsible for said men getting angry about reading this and making stupid decisions. What am I talking about, no men read this, but if they did - Consult with your wife, before you do anything. You'll be in less trouble in the long run. And to those who do consult with their wives, kudos to you. You deserve the Best Husband Award, well actually if you can win it competing against my husband. Good Luck with that!

Change of Hours!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Due to staff changes, we will be open on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday only from 10AM - 6PM.

Thank you to all who have been so supportive & patient with the changes!

A Lot Has Happened ...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

My trip to Gulf Coast Scrappers last weekend was exhilirating! It was definitely the boost I needed for myself to keep creating. Our store did fabulous! As far as the comments, we really rocked and I can't wait to go back. My husband had no problem walking into a room full of women with 3 kids and said we should do it more often. Yeah, I think he just liked the attention. My daughter was even bribed with chocolate to go to a scrap table, so her and I had a little chit chat afterward about not taking candy from strangers (Just Joking, Christy).

These wonderful women were up for any challenge and I gave them one here using lace embroidery made by my Nanny, here are a few examples: (They did awesome!)

So after four days of being there with my wonderful customers/volunteers/friends and my husband & kids.

I really needed some down time, so you might have noticed we were closed a little longer than planned. First off, upon leaving on Sunday, my husband's truck had a little problem, well let's say a $1500 problem. We had to leave it at the hotel with my wire racks in the back to rush off in the van with the rest of the store to my godchild's birthday party in Houma (could not miss that - b/c I would then be voted the worst Nanny in the world). After the party was done, my van wouldn't start and so began our misadventures with chaffeurs from all over. Oh, and did I mention we also were heading to a wake and a baseball tournament for my son. Yeah, JOY, JOY! Oh, and also just to let you know yes I was an emotional wreck after only having 8 hours of sleep in 4 days, I kind of looked like Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give when Jack Nicholson leaves her and she cries for days -well I only cried for a few hours I'm not that bad off. Kind of funny title to the movie, now that I think about it, Something's Gotta Give - story of my life. So, to make a long story short, of course Super MOM came to my rescue yet again to save this poor pitiful damsel (did I say AGAIN!) and toted us around all five of us and $2000 later we got our vehicles back and were up and running by Wednesday, mind you my husband lost 3 days of work, so that royally sucked. But being the wonderful prince he is, he made light of it and said that maybe it was God's way of saying we needed to spend more time together - well, maybe I'll send Him the bill, next time. LOL

So, by Wednesday I was finally able to put everything back in the store and it took me nearly three days to put it back together to only take it apart again for Girls Gone Crafty. Oh, well. Then on Saturday, my dog, Smokey gets a hook stuck in his lip. WHAT>>???? I know - crazy! After my dad wrangles Smokey and manages to get the hook out we all head to my nephew's wedding, I know I can't believe I'm old enough to say I have a nephew getting married and wait it gets better, I'm going to be a great Aunt as well, did you hear that or read that???? b/c if you are old as I am you might need your hearing aid or glasses!!!! Where did my life go? Things just seem to be moving so quickly and my legs are moving slower. Even on the dance floor, never did I think I would say that! But I just don't have it like I used to, I know I'm not 80 but I used to really keep up with the young ones and give them a run for their money, but now I'm out on the dance floor asking what is that song and when did it come out and learning it came out like a year ago.

OK, so enough run on sentences ...

We are opening up registration again for this weekend for any last minute scrappers.
Only 25 spots available so act fast.
For those already attending here are some tidbits you might want to keep in mind:
1.) If you are staying for 2 days, bring a sheet to cover your stuff at the end.
2.) Bring these supplies for Make-n-takes or share with neighbor:
Hole Puncher (any type)
Adhesive (wet & dry)
6 wallet photos of a party (optional)
Assorted Alpha Stickers
Brown Ink Pad
Distressor (or just use a sander, file, or scissors)
2 4x6 photos (optional)
1 wallet photo (optional)
Photos can be added later
3.) You will have assigned seating, but can move to another table as long as you stay within your group and not take a seat of someone you don't know.
4.) Check in is at 8AM every day and 5PM for 1/2 day participants
5.) We have over 30 prizes, lots of fun & games, loads of tips and creativity to go around!!!
6.) The photographer (Tiffany Bankston) will be there Saturday Evening to take some fun Photo Booth shots, so don't miss out this will be fun.
7.) Close to My Heart will be doing Make-n-takes in their booth throughout the day each day.
8.) Here's our schedule:
Each Day:
8AM - Check In
Coffee & Beignets
Drinks & Snacks throughout the event
9AM - Rev Up Your Scrap Engines & Let the Scrappin' Begin (everyone gets settled in to scrap)12PM - 1PM - Plate Lunches
2PM- Make-n-Take Group Rally (led by The Scrap Boutique)
3PM - SWAP (this will be a free for all at select tables, in which participants can bring their scrappin' stuff they no longer need and leave at the front desk and later go to the tables at swap time and pick up other people's scrappin' stuff they might need - "trash to treasure") Join in if you want, all are welcome to participate.
5PM - 1/2 Day Participants Check-In
5PM - 7PM - Plate Lunches
7PM - Another Rev Up
8PM - Make-n-Take Group Rally (led by The Scrap Boutique)
Midnight - Fire Up the Hogs
SWAP (same as day)
End @ 2AM
Games will be held throughout the event, participation is optional. (the games will be between other activities and we will only hold about 4 of these a day)

Can't wait to see you there!!!

Soooo Sorrry!, I'm Sorry, SOOO Sorry!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thought I'd start in song early this morning.

I completely let the day get away from me yesterday while I was packing up the store to go to GCS, so I forgot to announce the winner for the Storyboard Challenge and that would be .....

Nicole Petersen

She journaled her daughter's routine ... great job Nicole ... and Congratulations!

So, since this week and weekend will be so busy we are going to skip the Challenge for this week and continue next Monday. As for our Design Team Challenge it will be put on hold as well and the deadline for the last challenge has been extended to the 21st of July, (so you still have time). At that point another challenge will be issued.

We are not closing, so when you walk in the store and you see everything going into boxes don't panic b/c your friendly neighborhood scrapbooking store is here to stay. (ok that sounded a bit Spidermanish???). So excuse the mess and sorry about any inconvenience.

Remember we will be closed Thursday - Saturday for the GCS event. Well, very busy so I will see you all when I get back, wish us LUCK! and on Monday I'll tell you all about it!

I leave you this week with some RAD (yes I said it - leave me alone - I'm trying to bring it back since I can't bring Sexy back at this point) storage stuff:


Thursday, July 10, 2008

October Afternoon has arrived, this new company released in the Winter and we couldn't wait to get something from them. Enjoy this eye candy and come by the store to purchase some are already selling and we just got them in yesterday. I barely got them in inventory and I was already selling them.

On a different note:

Girls Gone Crafty is like around the corner and many are asking questions about it and what exactly will be happening, well besides what you see on the GGC blog I'll go into detail.

The start of the event begins at 8AM on Friday & Saturday, I know early but don't worry we'll have coffee and beignets. You'll check in, get your TOTALLY AWESOME goodie bag (hey I used to live in the valley) and begin scrapping away, throughout the day & night we will be giving away prizes from our vendors & sponsors through challenges, swaps, and games. You have the option of participating so don't feel like you have to because we will be giving away doorprizes as well. You must be present to win. There will be plate lunches & suppers available each day, menu TBA. Our group make-n-take will be @ 2pm & 8pm each day (in your seat, you don't even have to move, cuz trust me you'll have many opportunities to move around). Teacher will be assigned to a group and will come by to assist you as you participate in the make-n-take. 5pm is when the 1/2 day participants check in and daiquiris will be available @ 7pm - 11pm. Stores will be open til midnight each night. The crop will end at 2am each day. If you are attending for two nights then you can leave your things at your table and it will be covered. I hope that answers a little bit more. Also, we are having a swap both days, so bring by any unused scrapbook & craft items to trade. When you check-in leave your swap bag at the front with your name and when we yell SWAP!!! those who brought things will go to tables to see what treasures they can find.

We still have spots left, so please let us know soon if you are going to attend.

Elaborating on a few things ...

Monday, July 7, 2008

So I was asked a few questions on the Design Team Challenge so I'll elaborate a little more here.

You don't have to take a picture of half a desk and I have to really guess what it is, that's not what I'm judging on. What I'll be looking at is your interpretation of this game on a layout. Be creative with your layout whether it be the game itself on the page or your own twist on it. Can't give much more away, because I want you to get creative with it, so I can see where challenges take you.

Also, just to let you know what we will be doing with our Storytellers Design Team.

Here's a tidbit of info: I have big plans to create "something" (that I really can't say right now) but it involves my vision of storytelling in scrapbooking. So, basically the team will be a part of something really special that I would like to develop for our scrapping community. I know what a teaser, but I'd hate for my idea to be patented by someone else, b/c you know it's a million dollar idea?!!!! LOL

Good Luck to all!


Here's the sneak peak for our Family Tree class:

Here is a sneak peak of the Disney Album (created by Nicole Petersen):

(papers and embellishments will vary from what is pictured)

Also, if anyone is interested I'm holding a mini-shop for Kids on Friday, 11th. We'll be cookin' up a few crafts. Check our calendar for more details.

I love the scrapbooking community I have here at The Scrap Boutique and one of the things I love the most is the awesome talent we have. Talent that takes what they learn in their class and makes it their own. I call that American Idolizing it! This layout is just one of the many examples done in a class that was done even better than planned.

Love her layout created by Nicole Petersen


Sunday, July 6, 2008

Well, what a weekend! I have to say you can learn a lot from your husband, if you care to listen once in awhile.

Here are a few quick lessons I learned:
1. That when you cast out a 10 foot net, that only 2 shrimp in it is a good thing.
(who would have thunk it and here I thought 50 would be impressive)
2. My daughter has female parts but is all boy, fish are her friends - ewww, gross.
3. Men are very hungry after they fish, very hungry, of course because they work so hard catching nothing at all.
So, the winner of our first Storyboard Challenge is .................. Elise Grabert

Congratulations Elise, come by and collect your kit!

Thanks to all who participated, it definitely wasn't
easy for the judges to decide.

So, Storyboard Challenge #2:

Enter a project or layout of any size on something in your routine. Whether it be during the day or night, weird or normal, tell us about something you do daily or at least very often. As always have it in before Monday, winner will be announced then. This week's winner will win some glitz & glamour.

The Storytellers Design Team Call:

Your first challenge:

I love the game of I Spy, my kids and I play it everywhere, it's one of those games that is very versatile and you can play it at anytime, anywhere. So our first challenge will play by the rules of this fun game. You must Spy something take a picture of it and scrapbook it. This can either be a project or layout of any size. We basically have to guess what it is or spy it in the picture. Be creative with your journaling and pictures. And HAVE FUN!

Challenge Deadline: Friday, July 11th

Girls Gone Crafty:

We have plenty of doorprizes arriving daily as well as more goodies for your scrap bag and just to give you a sneak peak of what is going on for our make-n-takes, here are a couple of photos.

Just a Sample

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Here's an example of our Storyboard Challenge:

What I did here is scraplift the layout of pictures and then tried to copy the orange dots and splash of blue at the bottom with title.

On to other news:
We will be closed July 4th & 5th and July 17th - 19th for the Gulf Coast Scrappers Event in New Orleans. If you are interested in attending the website is here.

Girls Gone Crafty has stirred up plenty of questions so, in order to answer them better I'm going to start posting them here.

One of the questions asked was what to bring and how to prepare for this crop.

These are only suggestions, but I've been to plenty of crops and trust me you don't want to overdo it. Bring your basic tools: scissors, trimmer, adhesive, pen, neutral inks, maybe a few go to stamps that you use often, and of course some photos. I like to pre-plan pages by putting at least 10 pages for each day I'm at a crop together. I might not know exactly what I'm doing with the page, but I'll put some matching patterened papers & cardstock with the photos along with any other sort of embellishments you might want to add or techniques you would like to use to enhance your pages. You might want to bring a spill-proof cup, wipes, & paper towels. As far as bags, I like to have a small tote for tools and a shoulder bag for papers, stickers, & rubs.

If you have any other questions please call, email, or comment here!!
I'll be glad to answer anything, well except for maybe a few psychoanalysis ones, because I'm a little out of practice on those and I might need a few of my own answered first.
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