I'm not that Mom ...

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

the mom who gives in and says yes because it's easier
the mom who says it's okay to talk back to me or others
the mom who lets her kids go off without checking on them every 10 minutes or so
the mom who doesn't talk to her kids about the hard stuff - the real stuff
the mom who doesn't show up b/c she is not feeling good
the mom who doesn't care about them cleaning their rooms
the mom who says learning how to wash the clothes can wait
the mom who says it's okay I guess if they are doing it go ahead
the mom who allows her children's mistakes to just be
the mom who lets her kids just idle by in life
I'm that mom who says no even when it hurts me to the core
I'm that mom who commands respect in every way, just as much as I give it
I'm that mom who keeps my kids on a short leash to guide them through their youth
I'm that mom who talks about puberty, sex and drugs and I don't skimp on the details 
(there are no birds and bees in my conversation)
I'm that mom who in my darkest days and most painful days still shows up for that game 
that my son might or might not play in
I'm that mom who shows them the importance of taking care of the things 
you are given in life and to appreciate them.
I'm that mom who teaches independence, b/c someday the harsh reality is I won't be here
I'm that mom who follows the rules and yells at the ones not following 
whether you want to hear it or not
I'm that mom who looks at mistakes as a lesson to be learned from
I'm that mom who goes against the grain 
I take the path less traveled b/c it is harder
not b/c I like to torture myself, 
but b/c there are lessons to be learned on a path of obstacles
and none of them are easy to learn.  
All with some degree of difficulty 
that at times you just want to give up, turn around and say, "I'm done."  
and you say it b/c it is easier, 
because if I turn back now maybe I won't look like such a failure
because it will take months to fix
or maybe even years
it might never be fixed
but I'm that mom that sees the path laid out before me and accepts the challenges
b/c even the most difficult paths 
can create:
  and give you even just a sliver of silver lining
So yes, when you ask, "O you are one of those moms."
I will answer, "Yes, I'm one of those moms."
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