Joys of Motherhood

Friday, October 19, 2007

In relaxing one beautiful Friday with my husband and kids I took note of several things happening around me. I first noticed how peaceful my town is, how beautiful the weather is, and how wonderful my family gets along. Then I noticed how complicated others make life for you. I do realize it is ultimately up to me to parent my children, but some people don't make it any easier for me. When I think I'm taking two steps forward all it takes is one outing for me to take three steps back. Let me explain in detail my day.

It did not start out as a typical day, it actually was like a vacation day we never get. We went to storyhour at our local library, which is always a pleasure to go to, but it seems like everytime you go you have that one kid running around, talking loudly, and their parents are doing the same and not paying attention, hence the child scurrying about. Don't really care if the child is doing this, but it makes it harder as my children try to mimic the child and when I tell my children to sit and listen to the stories, they ask me "Well why does he get to do it?" What am I supposed to say to that. I really don't know. All I think about is what my teachers would tell me, "Well now if I let you do it then the whole class will do it and then that will just be a mess." So basically they can run carefree and have fun and you can't but what I really want to do is just tell the parent, "Will you please get your child to sit and listen, so mine will too." But I'm sure I would be told, "It's not my fault your child is a follower and mine is a leader." Well, at least if mine were a leader, they wouldn't be leading the chain gang.

So, we then set up a picnic at the local park and it was beautiful. Everyone was actually eating their food, no picky eaters, and no fighting for drinks or anything - can you believe it, really I have pictures to prove it. So anyway, I ask the boys to throw away their stuff and they do, but then I see some numskull littering and I think, "Please God don't let my boys see this." They ask me all the time why do they have to put their trash in the dumpster and I have to go through the long explanation of polluting the earth, yada, yada, yada. Then of course I see a city worker smoking and putting out his butts in the grass. Why?!!!!

So after our wonderful picnic we were able to play, but of course not without seeing children throwing rocks and then my children throwing rocks and then me yelling like a mad woman for my children to stop and come here. Trying to make a point of yelling loud enough so the parent whose child is throwing the rocks might get the point that they should get up off their toosh and do something. Well, it didn't work. Of course, so I just looked like crazy momma!!! for nothing.

Our wonderful time playing around had ended and we decided to grab some ice cream at a local shop. We live in such a wonderful quaint town it was nice not to have to travel too far to do all these things. As we are sitting there enjoying our Banana Splits and Sundaes my oldest son out of the blue asks, "Why can't I have coffee?" I tell him obviously because he's too young, "You're too young and you don't need that." Then he says and points, "Well why does that girl from my school have one?" Sheezz!!! I can't win.

I know you are probably thinking gosh your children ask a lot of questions, .... but maybe they wouldn't have to if people followed the rules. And maybe my children wouldn't think I'm such a mean mom who never lets them do what others do. Am I crazy for expecting that we all play & work by the same rules. Ugh! Maybe one day my children will see I did it for their own good.

Santa's Workshop

Friday, October 19, 2007

Here's a sneak peak @ our Santa's Workshop.

If you are missing it on Saturday, don't worry we'll have another one in November & December.
But if you'd rather just get the kit, we have that too.

Many have asked, so just to let you know Croptober Fest dressing up is optional.


Wednesday, October 17, 2007

I personally love Halloween! I'm not much on the truly gory, scary stuff, but I love to be able to pretend I'm someone else & dress up without people looking at me funny, like dressing up in the middle of July or something.

Our backdrop for Halloween pics is almost complete. We will start taking pics on Thursday and we have a layout kit to go along with it for $8.
Here's the sample layout
The only item not included in the kit are the letters, but you can come by to get them cut out on our Cricut. Here's our backdrop, thus far.

We still have a few adjustments to make.

Well, if you didn't notice we were featured in the Big Fun on the Bayou Insert in The Courier & The Daily Comet.
We still have a few spots left for Friday night's Croptober Fest. Dressing up is optional, but we will be having several games and contests that evening. Along with snacks & refreshments.
Also, we will be having an early Santa's Workshop on Saturday @ 10AM. We will be scrapping & stamping the day away on cards, gift tags, ornaments, and layouts.

Ranger Danger

Friday, October 5, 2007

Danger -- Ranger is here! Whooooohooooo!!! It's about time. Come check it out I'm too pumped up, just wish it would have been in sooner. I wanted to do some really cool stuff with it for Scrap Pink. I did this great Layout in honor of my "Second Mom" Annette.
She was very dear to me and I was unable to go to her funeral, due to it being in another state and I had just had Claire. I don't think I've been able to feel any closure until I did this layout. Funny how you can say scrapbooking is like therapy and joke about it but in reality I really believe it's been great therapy for me. It causes you to stop and smell the roses or coffee whichever you prefer - mine being coffee of course. So, I've realized over the years that as I scrapbook I reflect. Reflect on my life present, past, & future. Reflect on the meaning of life, the meaning of others around me and it has opened up a new world to me. I take the moments in one by one, whether it be the humming of ABC's by my one year old at the table while bouncing or my sons making a complete disaster of their room claiming they were playing Hurricane. Cuz' hey those make some great pictures and stories to tell. So, let them tear it up, hum it up, drum it up,... because everyone needs to "Bust a Move" once in awhile. We all march to the beat of different drummers even if it means we look a little "white" when we do it. Be not afraid of who you are -- Just Be You!

How Funny!!!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Okay so you know how as mothers we tend to dish out quite a bit of advice all out at once, well this Mom, happens to be the best at it, watch this video, you can't help but laugh. She is a riot. Return to blog after.

So, if you've watched it!!! Don't you see yourself yelling all those things out of breath, in the rush of things. I sure do. I spill out every word I can squeeze in and pray that he or she heard the most important ones. I'm famous for that as we are pulling into parent drop - off (by the way why do they call this parent drop off you are really dropping off students not parents - anyway) as we drive through the line, I began with my speech: "Okay, Seth tell everyone Bye! and you love them, don't forget to listen to your teacher, follow the rules, stay focused on your work, don't bully anyone - be nice "Spread the Honey", and if anyone bullies you tell the teacher" then as the door is closing I'm shouting, "I love you, Bye!" and he is off to school. He's probably saying to himself I've heard the same speech now for the past 3 years Mom - but instead he listens, (or at least I think so) and takes it all in, and leaves. No sassy mouth here. Love that!

I see how the trend over the years has been to just spill the same advice over and over again. You tell your kids the same things that your parents told you, even though you vowed to never be like your parents, but hey you didn't turn out so bad now did you? So, what's wrong with that! Absolutely nothing. Parents need to be consistent and if it ain't broke don't fix it. Do as your parents did.

I don't think it's a bad think to talk with your children and speak to them daily about what you expect out of them. It gives them some guidelines to life. So should you run into some down time with your child talk with them and let them know (just try not to have an emotional outburst)- we can't just assume they know the rules.

Jenni Bowlin

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Our new Jenni Bowlin stuff has arrived. I've been anxiously awaiting this order, so I hope you will be just as pleased with it as I've been. We also have finally received Sassafrass Indian Summer Collection (fall colors) & the Whale of a Tale Collection (Boy Blues). We are still waiting for a few items though. Please make sure anyone interested in Scrap Pink on Saturday that you sign up early, we are filling up fast. Our Day crop is from 12 -6 and our evening crop is from 6-12.
Here's the new Jenni Bowlin stuff:

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