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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Okay so you know how as mothers we tend to dish out quite a bit of advice all out at once, well this Mom, happens to be the best at it, watch this video, you can't help but laugh. She is a riot. Return to blog after.

So, if you've watched it!!! Don't you see yourself yelling all those things out of breath, in the rush of things. I sure do. I spill out every word I can squeeze in and pray that he or she heard the most important ones. I'm famous for that as we are pulling into parent drop - off (by the way why do they call this parent drop off you are really dropping off students not parents - anyway) as we drive through the line, I began with my speech: "Okay, Seth tell everyone Bye! and you love them, don't forget to listen to your teacher, follow the rules, stay focused on your work, don't bully anyone - be nice "Spread the Honey", and if anyone bullies you tell the teacher" then as the door is closing I'm shouting, "I love you, Bye!" and he is off to school. He's probably saying to himself I've heard the same speech now for the past 3 years Mom - but instead he listens, (or at least I think so) and takes it all in, and leaves. No sassy mouth here. Love that!

I see how the trend over the years has been to just spill the same advice over and over again. You tell your kids the same things that your parents told you, even though you vowed to never be like your parents, but hey you didn't turn out so bad now did you? So, what's wrong with that! Absolutely nothing. Parents need to be consistent and if it ain't broke don't fix it. Do as your parents did.

I don't think it's a bad think to talk with your children and speak to them daily about what you expect out of them. It gives them some guidelines to life. So should you run into some down time with your child talk with them and let them know (just try not to have an emotional outburst)- we can't just assume they know the rules.

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