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Thursday, June 19, 2008

I promised you fabulous blogging for all eternity and that everyday would be filled with tips and wonderful life changing things. Okay maybe not, but you get my point.
But let's be realistic here, my children are so whacking me out it's unreal. Like who knew your kid could seriously mass produce boogers all over the counter. Before I left for Sisiversary I thought "I think it might be better if I just shoot myself in the foot and then that would take my mind off of my wacky children." Though I adore them, they can sometimes really make it hard for a mom not to get reported to social services.
(editor's note: this is all in humor, please do not take the aforementioned story above too seriously, The Scrap Boutique is not held accountable for this person's actions - Kelly told me to tell you that LOL)

So, off to tell you a little more about what's going on here, well besides some new paper and embellies that have come in we are about to celebrate a year.
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH! isn't that exciting one year - like I've said before that's a big accomplishment for me I don't ever stick to anything longer than a year, just ask my mom. I'm actually quite surprised I've kept my husband for as long as I have or my children for that matter (ref. story above). I think I've might have had like more than 25 jobs and I'm only 32. And no my mom wasn't some kid slave boss working me in some China sweat shop, I've just held down 3 jobs plenty of times.

Okay, so I know you want to hear about Sunday's Awesome Creative Crop Celebration from 10-10. You can come anytime, but please register so we can get a head count. We will have Chili Dogs & Fritos, drinks, snacks, doorprizes, games and we are giving you 3 make-n-takes for $25. Since it is our Birthday we will be doing a birthday card, layout, & banner. Don't worry about the time you come, you can pick up the kit anytime and make it anytime we'll be around to help and provide you with a sample and instructions.

As for our Girls Gone Crafty event I strongly encourage you to get to registering, b/c we are closing registration on July 15th. If you register after this date, we will have to make special arrangements for you and it might be costly. So go to the Girls Gone Crafty site and register now or just go to see all the new stuff added.

That's about all for now - I will be back next week to our regularly scheduled posts. LOL

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  1. Shell! I am so glad to have met you - you are the cutest EVER! Nan


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