School Dropout Resolution

Friday, August 21, 2009

so if you read before this little stinker wants to drop out of school in the first grade and mom going to jail really doesn't matter. i have tried all the bribing, rewarding, and punishing i could think of, put out some timers, ignored him - nothing. even talking to the counselor and principal didn't seem to phase him. so what does any mother in her right mind do (LOL - cuz i'm not) break out some

80's music and dance and sing all morning long while they dress, brush their hair & teeth and even in the van on the way to school. hey it worked for two days so far, i say that's progress. so don't worry when you see me on the road and it looks like i'm having seizures in my van @ 8AM, i'm just getting my kids pumped up for school - sorry teachers!


  1. awww so what are you going to do? lol He is so young to want to be a drop-out! lol

  2. well michelle...whatever it gotta do what you gotta do...hey that's what i have to do to pump myself up to go to never ends!

  3. You are funny...I hope this next works as well...believe! I may have try your idea come Monday when my dd doesnt want to get up and ready..I can already see the first week..haha!

    Hope you are enjoying your weekend,

  4. Behold. The power of the eighties. :)


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