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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

i know i really sound like a dork, but i had to improvise, here's the video. for those who don't know i was a featured artist at the Art After Dark in downtown Houma. i don't think i ever thought of myself as an artist, until my good friend Re (also an artist) convinced me to just do it. i did and i'm so glad i listened to her. i kind of think this just found me in way. i was told that i would be considered a textile & mixed media artist (whatever that is supposed to mean). but anyhow i'm growing quite fond of that label, it has mix in it and i love to mix things up, even if it's a few minds or maybe some tracks like i've always wanted to do that - o well, maybe next time. i believe the Lord has blessed me in so many ways by having so many awesome people cross my path. many of you believed in me, before i believed in myself. i owe you big time! thanks for putting up with my indecisiveness, low confidence, & downright pitiful complaints. so above is the video, here's my article link and i'm also supposed to be featured in some other articles. below are some pictures i snapped at the event and some other stuff as well ...

Country Bumpkin Headbands & Bracelets ... Dirty Record Line ...

Part of my display ... Country Bumpkin Bunny ... DJ, Teenage Sock Doll

Canvas Blank Journals ... Just Words ...

i'm selling all these items online and at local stores. i'm also doing personalized dolls, record clocks, and canvas art. things have been very busy as i'm getting plenty of orders.


  1. Hey girlie, how ya been? Oh yea, there's a LO on my blog of me and you lol Hugs

  2. Very cool. I know you must be very excited. I wish I had a friend like that to push me to do the things I always said I would. Wish I could see it in person. But, alas, you know how far Central Texas from you.

  3. adorable headbands and congrats on the catwalk!


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