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Monday, August 30, 2010

one of the hardest things as a parent is to know when to just shut up or when to speak up.  sometimes i think i do the latter maybe a little too often.  i'm what you call, as i refer to, an extreme mom.  i could probably be featured on the animal planet channel spinning off of the show most extreme animals.  the show might go a little something like this:

first they would go through 10 - 2 of the most extreme moms
and then here's where you would see my picture, michelle gautreaux rolling in as the #1 most extreme mom
forget the king of the hills, this lady will have you heading for them
they would then graph me in green, localizing all my dangerous points  which might include my fierce voice or my quick & concise manuevers when it comes to a child on the run from my wrath
i would definitely have to say though that the focus would be on my punishments - always extreme, always over the top

but i do hope in my segment they might mention that i am compassionate, i love deeply, i give whole heartedly, and i expect nothing in return.  b/c even in that sense i'm extreme as well, just ask my middle school child who i embarass daily.

on to other news ...
announcement:  i have three stories in PoV this month - can i get a whoohoo!!!  ("WHOOHOO"  okay that was supposed to be you).  one of the stories is on some young talent in the area, jenna nicole guidry, the second story is an inspiring underdog story, the engineering team from nicholls, and the third is a story that motivates you to do your part in the world, keep terrebonne beautiful.

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  1. I love your take on yourself. You have quite the insight.

    Congrats on the new articles.


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