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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

i think that maybe i should have written that down.  with me you never know what will come flying out of my mouth and i don't mean like cheetos or milk or any other food or liquid substance.  sometimes i just say things and think later.  and i'm not thinking aww i shouldn't have said, heck no sometimes people just need to hear tha truth!!  but i think dang i should have wrote that down.  i could have a book by now, it's possible, don't doubt it.  i know kind of strange just a array of word vomits in a book, but hey anything can happen - i mean if you can write a song about a stanky leg then who's to say i can't have a book on just crap i say.  i mean really i could have written a song about a stanky leg, heck i could have written a song about some stanky diapers, walls, tables, chairs, butts, husband, and children.  maybe i should start writing songs ...


  1. I think you can write a book!!!! Do you need an editor?

  2. Hey there is a book that turned into a tv show about random stuff. It's called $h!+ my dad says. If this guy can do it, you can.

  3. Write a book, write a it....hoping you had a merry christmas and that your new year is filled with lots of properity, love, peace and joy!!! Sending you big hugs from Texas ~ BiT


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