When I grow up ...

Friday, April 5, 2013

So as I thought Career Day for Claire went exactly as I thought.  Yes, I know at least she is consistent.  She of course changed her mind the night before and then when she woke up she again changed her mind not once, but yes twice.  She had stated she was going to be a dancer before resting her head for the night.  I should have known that after I had laid everything out that she would change her mind yet again.  Maybe it was a dream she had that night that made her think that she had chosen the wrong career, but she went from dancer to teacher overnight.  She chooses, what she thinks, is what a teacher would wear (hello kitty shirt and tutu with leggings - well I mean come on what teacher doesn't wear that), but as she looks in the mirror she says, "I don't look cute enough."  Well, that then set off the hunt for a new career 15 minutes before she needed to be at school.  I felt like I was reliving my college years again - changing my major every semester.  In the end, she finally chose this:

I asked her who she was and her reply was, "Umm, mom don't you know, hellooo I am CeCe from Shake It Up!"  Well, of course I knew THAT!!  

I mean come on mom.  It's like when they were much younger and gave you a picture with two squiggly lines and said, "Can't you see it mom it's a dinosaur feeding its' babies." Yeah, I got it.
But regardless of what she is going to be when she grows up - I know this rock star is going to do it BIG!!


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