Pros & Cons

Thursday, July 30, 2009

well first off this has been some adventure.

Cons (what i won't miss):

  1. the wind - sand and contacts mixed - not good.
  2. no oven - no homemade cookies - me want coooookkies!
  3. no toaster - so much for a vacay, breakfast is not so simple without it.
  4. one TV - i can only watch so much animal planet - i wonder what the dog whisperer could do for my kids.
  5. one bedroom hotel room 250sq' - can you say rats in a cage.
  6. rude people - like no one smiles here and just stands there in the middle of the aisle looks at you trying to pass and then looks away then you try to move their buggy a little and still no reaction, no excuse me, no o sorry let me move that for you. o no that would be too much for their little heads to wrap around instead they are trying to decide if they frickin' need green giant corn or the wal-mart brand, just take a damn corn already and move it along.
  7. slow people - no i don't mean stupid, just ssssssssssssslllllllllllllooooooooooow as molasses. they don't know what fast food is here. i mean some might enjoy the laid back atmosphere, but when i got three screaming starving kids (who haven't been fed, b/c no oven) wondering where their food is in the back of my van and i haven't had my coffee that morning i come through drive thru thinking I can get my meal in under 20 minutes. is it too much to ask.
  8. having to carry my mace with me everywhere i went - yes, just for a moment get your laughs as you picture me (90 lb woman) carrying my mace and aiming it at anyone who doesn't back the chump off!
  9. spanish - no offense to any of you who speak the language or who are spanish, but can i just say i suck at it, like really suck. i've learned a few things, but i failed this 3 times in college and when you feel under pressure to speak the language it doesn't help the learning process. at least not for me. i get all flustered and then can't even speak english. then to top it all off the signs are in spanish, the labels are in spanish, even the billboards are in spanish, radio stations are in spanish, thank god my tv had a translation button. But i have to say, "donde puedo obtener el café?" is about all the spanish i need right now. (where can i get coffee?)

but to say this was not all worth it for my one pro, i think not!

PRO (what i will miss):

  1. my husband


  1. Awww. I am sorry I wasn't closer. I am sorry your visit to Texas was a little unpleasant. I also hope you know that Brownsville is not like the rest of Texas. Come back again.

  2. definitely realize that, since every other trip i've had was to TX was great, i guess i'm just so used to southern hospitality, living in LA for so long. HEEHEE!
    i also wrote this right after a lot happened - hope no one took offense to it. LOL


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