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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

so i went to schlitterbahn waterpark in south padre island (sorry no pics) this weekend with hubby and kids and realized - dang i did a pretty decent job of raising the kids so far. it only took me 10 years to figure it out, but hey rome wasn't built in a day. my kids politely waited in line, excused themselves around people, patiently waited for the kids to get out the tubes, looked out for little ones and kindly opened doors for people. so yeah i'm giving myself a pat on the back today.

okay, so the nice stuff ends now, you might want to stop reading.

but i got some beef to dish out with the other kids & parents there. ooooo it totally burns me up when there is a kid who will literally push my kid down to get on the slide first, bump into them without saying sorry and then cut in the line or stand on the slide making my kids and others wait their turn longer. boiling - BOILING was i, well if you ain't gonna parent your child then i will and if you don't like it then do something about it either punch me or grow up and be a parent. not saying i'm perfect, but come on - i would rip my child apart if they did those things - well maybe not literally, but you know what i mean. so yeah i did tell those kids excuse me my child was here first, and yes i did say you need to move, and again i did say do not push my kid. then to top it all off, i might be a little on the rough side sometimes, but when it comes to being polite i really try, so like i was dumping water out of the child seat inner tube and happened to lose it in the wind and it hit a woman next to me and i immediately said i was sorry, yet no that was not good enough, she gave me an ugly look, and i again said so sorry and she remarked whatever. the nerve. so i being pissed off by the irresponsible parents and rude children said, "i said i was sorry, that should have been good enough" and walked away.

so i took note this weekend of how lucky i am to have the kids i have even if i would sometimes rather shoot myself in the foot than listen to them whine.


  1. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I love your story - I'm glad there are more moms like me - thinking the same way! (My son is 17 now, so the parenting is a bit different, no pushing kids around anymore and mine crying 'cause he didn't understand why they do such things...)

  2. Well, I am glad your kids were so well behaved. I sometimes avoid places like Schlitterbahn only because of the other kids.

    Glad to see your blog. I think it looks good. Enjoy the rest of your time in TX. We like it here and most of us aren't as rude as the woman you met.

  3. I've had some experience with 'adults' cutting line recently so it's not just the kids, it's their role models. So who's gonna teach those kids if the parents are just like them?

  4. hey the blog...this is the first time i check this one is precious..u needa help me make mine cute...i have no clue what i'm doing...i miss you...muah

  5. I agree, parents just do not teach manners anymore - gets on my last nerve personally!

    Glad you are so adamant with yours.


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