O Starbucks ...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

how i love thee, let me count the ways ...

  1. the music spilling out of the speakers pleasantly into my ears ("love and happiness, ain't nothing wrong")
  2. the sounds of the diverse coffees being blended by the baristas.
  3. intellectual conversations and debates on the economy
  4. women outside plucking their eyebrows with no shame in their game
  5. friendly employees checking on me
  6. beautifully displayed artwork demanding coffee
  8. women in spandex inspiring me to maybe exercise, (i said maybe)
  9. smashing smiles from all around, patiently waiting for their fix
  10. employees walking in with cokes
  11. no children running around, high on caffeine
  12. no questions of  "when are we going to leave?"
  13. no one talking to me at ALL!
  14. my java chip frappachino gliding down the wasteland of my body to inspire me to get up off my ass

yes, Starbucks, i thank you for the wonderful morning, now i begin my day feeling rejuvenated and full of hope that the world isn't that bad, now off to Wal-mart.
o well there goes my hope and maybe even my rejuvenation.


  1. Oh, Shell! I am so jealous. I wish I could start my day with a Starbucks. Unfortunately, we don't have a Starbucks. tho the local Bean Tree makes a mighty good mocha latte without the price of Starbucks. That frappuccino sure looks delish. Next time drink one of those for me.


    PS - I can't believe you ruined it with Wallyworld.

  2. Michelle seriously...you know that i have no time for that before school i get there at the bell every morning and I'm sitting in the crib alone right now far far away from the beloved starbucks and you are teasing me oh so much with the words and the pic....god the pic is tantalizing me...i wish i were there with you sista...we must get together soon for starbucks and scrappin...holla when you have a free nite...much love


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