Our 5th Anniversary ...

Monday, November 23, 2009

i know what you are thinking only 5 years, what young little rookies, still newlyweds.  still in marital bliss.  if only i could say that without laughing.  because reflecting back in our little time together, we were not completely happy all the time and we are okay with that, we did not always get along and we are also okay with that, in fact sometimes we irritated the shit out of each other so much that we wouldn't talk or look at each other for a few hours (well mostly i didn't) but we are still okay with that.  because when we took our vows we both agreed that through thick and thin and the good and the bad, and might i mention sometimes the ugly we would get through it.  we accepted each other's faults and realized early on neither one of us would be perfect, but that no matter what we would love each other.  i still love him even though he has absolutely no idea how to behave in a fancy restaurant and he still loves me even though i refuse to clean the fish he brings home.  what we have noted in our short time together is that what we have by the book should not work, but somehow we make it work.  and that's because we work at it everyday, getting to know each other and inspiring one another to push forward.  so yes my marriage might so far have been a short one but our love is endless.  even if he thinks his pink slip from work after getting laid off is a suitable 5th anniversary paper gift for me.


  1. Well, I hope your anniversary is fab.

    Did you say pink slip? Did I know? Well best wishes in that arena! Take care and enjoy another 5 years and many more.

  2. Ohhh....Bummer about being laid off! I am SO sorry! Hope your anniversary is great, and I wish you both many, many happy years together!


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