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Thursday, October 22, 2009

and no it is not for the fraternity, sorry my college days are long over, tho sometimes i think maybe i'd like to relive them and then i remember the cop, no shoes, a bet, and a jungle party ... then i skip on back to reality and say to myself you couldn't relive it even if you tried, mainly b/c i don't shave my legs as often and i get drunk off of the neck of a beer.

so on to what this post is really about .. kaylaaimee (aka KA).  i originally met kayla online through SISTV (scrap in style TV), she worked there and was a fashionista (like on the design team).  i then got to meet her irl at a scrapbooking event last year held by SISTV.  in meeting her, i found a kindred spirit.  tho i'm a bit older and older looking and we don't often keep in touch, i can definitely relate to her in a lot of ways, such as being very petite, which will lead to the rest of the post, but i'll get to that later.  she is trying to land her dream job and i would really like it if some of you could help.  there is no signing up for anything just click here and vote, and please be sure to read below her picture what she wrote and then you will definitely see why she deserves this.

so to end my post, i have to release this to the world, well at least to the 11 followers i have ...  i can give blood, (and i don't mean to like the twilight cast, but i have to say i wouldn't mind edward, uh nevermind) like what i'm saying is for the first time in my life i weigh enough to give blood (besides being preggo), but i'm kind of afraid to do so in fear that once i do that they will have to stop midway to tell me i can't b/c i lost 5 lbs. in the process.  i know go ahead say it i make you sick, that's okay, b/c most of you don't know i have struggled all my life to try to gain weight and tho that might sound stupid to some of you i'll let you in on why it's not:
  1. i'm finally able to shop in the big girl's section and i don't mean plus size people, i mean that i can finally shop in petites and juniors and not like some store like babygap or gapkids.
  2. i finally look like a mom and don't get dagger looks from the women on the street or comments like, "kids having kids"
but it is a real big milestone in my life and i just thought i'd share and tell you, "i don't think ya ready for this jelly!"


  1. You rock. No seriously. I just love reading your posts! And what a great friend you are, too. Have fun in the jr.'s section! WOOT! Lol.


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