our last day

Thursday, January 28, 2010

i say our last day, only b/c the day after christmas, we were in the airport and went straight home. 

so back to christmas morning ... of course santa had to find us in new york.  hunter was a little concerned, but i told him if he prayed to god that it would be fine, b/c like santa and god are best friends and they talk a lot.  he was okay with that.  so when we woke up we found our stockings full and presents everywhere.  well, we did have to limit santa to the size of a suitcase.  the kids were actually really surprised at the gifts they got and very happy about our trip. 

after the wrapping paper was torn apart, the cooking began ... a cooked a ham, sweet peas, baked some macaroni & cheese & greek rolls, as the kids played with their new toys and watched christmas story (clint's favorite movie) for the umpteenth time.  (their was a marathon on all day, in case you didn't know).

we ate our dinner, though i have to say i lost my temper when the housekeeper enjoyed our dinner more than the hunter and claire b/c they were being so picky.  i treated the housekeeper to a special dinner by leaving it on her cart and she knew exactly who it came from b/c my cooking was smelling up the halls and i have to say it was really good.

after dinner we packed up and marched out to the snow one more time to bid it farewell and of course leave our mark in nyc with a gautreaux snowman.

clint was asking passerbys if they wanted to take a picture with it.  he said it was so good that people were going to stop and take a picture of it and next to it.

hunter had to end it with an angel and that's it everyone.  our wonderful memorable nyc trip.  it was exhilirating, memorable, and momentus all wrapped into one.  wow, i feel so sad now.  i have no more to share about our trip.  o well guess we'll have to go on another one.  HEEHEE!  wonder how clint will like that!

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  1. Michelle I went to a garage sale store this weekend and bought some old albums I told the lady who owned the store that you make clocks with those babies and she is interested in talking to you about selling via consignment in her shop. I am not sure how to get in touch with you.
    Email me so I can give you the information.



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