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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

us @ a n.o. hornets basketball game, we were blessed with tickets in club level
by our very generous doctor, had a blast!
to me that i usually get the short end of the stick when it comes to life.  but i guess it's only fitting since i AM only 5 foot.  but i'm not sure i would know what to do if the doors were always open for me.  i'm pretty sure it would look similar to a scene in a movie when you ram into the door several times and finally on your last try you back up to ram it, only to get through with ease b/c someone else has opened it and you go flying through smacking into the coffee table spilling red wine all over the beautiful creme carpet.  so i'm okay with not expecting the doors to open for me because in most of my accidents there has always come some revelation, a lesson worth learning, whether it be smacking straight into the door head on and knocking some sense into me or just having a whirlwind of events at the opening of one finally.  recently, we've been knocked down a few times, but what i love most about my family is that they don't let it get them down.  we celebrate in the little things, the little blessings that get blown our way from time to time.  we don't have the biggest house or yard on the block, we don't have all our dishes or laundry done, we don't have the finest china or luxurious vehicles to drive, heck at this moment we don't even have a wall in my kitchen.  (hint to husband:  please get that done in 2011).  but what we do have is each other, spirit, friends, family, love, kindness, generousity, and the belief that all will be okay.  so my little word this year is BELIEVE!  b/c what i've noted more than anything in this family is they believe, they have belief in themselves and others.  this challenge, that i've never participated in before is from ali edwards, for those nonscrappers, she is the it girl in the scrapbooking world and has challenged all who care to participate in having one little word to live by each year.  and here is mine and what i hope to get from it.

i believe there is good in us all
i believe that anything is possible
i believe that i will not hide all my husband's fishing poles this year
i believe that we will make it through our difficult time
i believe that others will too
i believe that i can survive the 300 hundred children that will enter through my doors to play b/c i feel like 
               the kool-aid house sometimes
i believe in myself, i'm putting an end to self-doubt
i believe my children will make a difference in this world, they are going to do BIG things with their lives
i believe that Jesus will take the wheel when i need him too
i believe in God and i have faith in his direction


  1. ummmm WOW. insipred the heck outta me. needed to read this today! I believe in you too and everything that you just said here. it's not about anything else but that sweet jesus and family and friends! love what you wrote!

  2. Love this and love your family picture. I bet that game was a blast!!! Big plans this weekend? R u going to scrap your OLW this year? I wanna see what you do with it....I want to figure out my word....just need some down time when I am not thinking about where I am going to live and how to pay the bills...haha - Thanks for stopping by my blog too..I love to have company and it means the world to me. If not for a few friends I would be a lonely blogger...anyway I really wanted to tell you that I believe you will a year full of JOY, PEACE, LOVE, PROSPERITY and GOOD HEALTH!! GOD IS SO GOOD AND HE BELIEVES IN YOU TOO!!! XOXOXO

  3. As usual, you inspire me to be a better person! So many times I catch myself saying "why me", but instead I need to say "thanks for the lesson"! I love your word choice "Believe"! Hope that 2011 is a better year for you and your family! Love you!

  4. aww! thanks! i'm really trying to stay positive this year.
    Praying for you as well.


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