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Saturday, November 14, 2015

15 years ago I met a guy.  He gave me his pager #.  Yes that existed when we met.  And it looked a little something like this:
To those of you that are looking at this and saying whaaaat?!  You are probably too young to read my blog anyway.  JK

Though he will tell you I asked for his pager #, it's all lies I tell Ya, all lies.  If you know my husband and know him well he is quite the charmer and considers himself a ladies man.  Though I can't disagree, I don't tell him often because then his head will blow up even more than he blows it up with his own compliments.
So back to the beginning, what really made him such an interesting person was his joy.  The joy in his smile, his voice, his soul.  He emitted joy throughout the room as he entered.  It was obvious how much he impacted the young and old.  They acknowledged him, smiled and reached out to him to hang out for awhile.  If you have the joy of knowing my husband, you know exactly what I'm talking about.
His joy has carried us through some rough times and made our good times even more amazing.  I am blessed to have such an amazing husband, father to our children, but most of all blessed to have even met him and to have been chosen as his wife.
He might not clean up after himself, laughs at his own jokes, is quite disorganized, and farts ALOT, but this guy:

Carries us through it

Enjoys every moment

Makes me feel beautiful

And makes us laugh ALOT!

We love you bae!
Happy Birthday!


  1. Toooooooo cute! And I am DEFINITELY old enuf to know what that pager says ... since I was around wayyyyyyyyy before pagers! LOL!!! LOVING the photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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