13 Traits of a Truly Amazing Son

Sunday, November 22, 2015

As I begin to wind down from one of the craziest days ever, I am able to think straight and can't help but be forever grateful for the understanding son that can put aside his birthday so mom can fulfill her duties and dreams.
It amazes me how my little Hunter Bunter has turned into a young man almost overnight.  I swear he grew a foot yesterday.  So his birthday was less than stellar and what makes him amazing is:
Trait #1:  he is understanding no matter the sacrifice
#2:  he is sensitive and doesn't like to see people cry
#3:  he is goofy and can make us all laugh, even when we want to knock him out to be quiet
#4:  he is full of determination, though sometimes I mistake it for stubborness
#5:  he is passionate about causes and always wants to help others
#6:  he is golden,  everything he attempts is achieved
#7:  he is so very handsome - you can't disagree with me there.
#8: he is confident, but not boastful though sometimes I think he needs to toot his horn just a little bit because I think he is totally awesome
#9: he is disorganized and random, though I can't say I love this, but sometimes it causes me to just take a deep breath and say is it really worth fussing about
#10:  he is loyal, if you are his friend he takes that job seriously -  no doubt he will forever be there for you
#11:  he cooks -  Thank god because sometimes I need a break and he knows just when I do need one
#12:  he has always been challenging, he has kept me on my toes as a parent from crawling out the crib at the age of 5 months to deciding he was done with school that he learned enough in the first grade. He has challenged me on every turn on this journey of parenthood, but I gladly accept them all because that means I get to be this amazing teen's mom.
#13:  and lastly he is loving and loves this crazy dreamer mom no matter how many bipolar, Tourette syndrome, ADD days she has, he still turns to me and says I love you!

Happy birthday Hunter!  I love you!


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