dear friends and family ...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

you might say it's inappropriate, you might say did she just write that, but i just want it noted that if i die in a car accident, please don't memorialize me at the scene with a big purple teddy bear ...

a simple cross would do ...

or just flowers, really it's fine.

first of all i'm not a huge fan of purple, tho i might wear it sometimes.  secondly, teddy bears not my thing either.  i'm really kind of hoping that a message would be posted or something maybe like
WATCH OUT!!  and i know what you are thinking, whaaaat!!  i know really only things like that are left for the young, but just in case.  i can say tho i've really almost been there, it was a close call,(see my journey in another blog i used to have) and as i'm passing some crosses on the road i was just thinking man i hope my memory doesn't go to waste.  man i hope that instead of updating my gravesite that those who knew me best would instead fight for the underdog, stop a bully, work on helping those in need, take the time to spend precious moments with loved ones, or just get up and do something.  i pray i left enough words to live by even if it started with, "go zig-zag ..."  or "it was a linoleum floor ...".  i pray that the images left behind aren't all pretty and that they remember my good, bad, and ugly.  for we all need to live in the now and the future won't be such a slap in the face.

sorry that is all ... if i offended you i apologize.

editor's note:  after reading this, i thought i'd just mention that this is not a suicidal blog post just me word vomiting again, so no need to worry.

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  1. Not a fan of purple?? That's it. Our bloggy friendship is over. :-) I might just have to find a tiny one to leave, just because.

    Seriously, it's always a good thing to know what you want.

    I always wonder about the poor soul who passed away at those sites where crosses and flowers are left.


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