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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

so yesterday was an ugh day for me and many things went crazy wrong, which all the little things put together made it one great big mess.  but one of things i'll discuss here that happened was my email was hacked into.  typically spam will get sent and it will be some sort of money scam, but no that couldn't be the case.  my hacker had to be some psychotic dexter sexually disturbed serial killer.  the messages seemed pretty random and maybe came out of excerpts from a book, but they were disturbing to say the least.  some of the messages talked about things i'd rather not even mention, b/c they are vulgar, but things like "you and Tom could put the bodies in a plastic bag"  is just one example.  i mean really this is probably going to be a great laugh later in life, but right now i'm just worried that a swat team will appear in my front yard, b/c on my contact list i had some very important professional people that i was actually trying to get writing jobs from along with representatives, oprah, even the president.  i'm just hoping they got my apology email to them and that they know i really don't have a secret life that involves "yellow liquid", "body bags", or "homophobia".  i'm really not that type of person. so ugh to that day, and hello to a new one!!!

just a note:  if i didn't apologize to you enough before, i am very sorry my evil hacker disturbed your wonderful day yesterday, like seriously do people really not have better things to do with their lives than to hack old lady's emails and send random messages.  you know there are starving children on the streets people, i mean not mine, o who am i kidding they probably are mine or my husband, since i haven't cooked in days.

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